Round Bathtub Guide Proves Taking a Bath Isn’t For Squares Anymore!

Square bath tubs will have to make way as the Round Bathtub Guide educates the public about choices in round bath tubs. has free information guides to assist with learning all about modern contemporary round bath tub models.

Online PR News – 19-October-2009 – – For Immediate Release: Round Bathtub Guide tries to make square bath tubs a thing of the past.

When most people think of a bathtub, the standard square bathtub that American Standard Bathtub Company made a bathroom fixture in most American homes comes to mind. Today’s technology and innovations can now serve up a whole lot more options than what was once available. Round soaking bathtubs are one of these options gaining much popularity.

A Round Bathtub Guide has been developed in an effort to help consumers make sense of all the makes, models and styles available on the bathroom fixture market. Some consumers may be aware of round spa tubs, but unfamiliar with some of the specialty tubs such as the round handicap bath tub or the premiere walk in bathtub and it’s unique features. Innovative design allows the round premier bath tub model to control water temperature as it flows from the faucet and fit where most round corner bathtubs would go.

The guide does not just cover newly manufactured round bathtubs, but also how to locate a round vintage tub and bath fixtures. This can be a great help if you are seeking to replace fixtures in an older home but want to maintain the architectural integrity of the time period.

Within the round bath tub guide you will find reports on these topics:

What you need to know about round bathtub plumbing before you purchase a round bathtub.

Information to transform your bathroom into a spa with round whirlpool bathtubs. A round jet tub makes a relaxing soak and massage just a short walk away.

If you think by choosing a round tub you can’ have a shower too, think again. The Round Bathtub Guide will show you how to get the best of both with a round bathtub shower.

A round Japanese tub is a little known, and seldom sought out option for a homeowner. Learn about the distinctive and functional design of this tub made exclusively for soaking in.

Installation tips for installing a round freestanding bathtub, including how to determine if your bathroom will accommodate one.

Additional interior design ideas and assistance to give you the tools to create a cohesive bathroom scheme that showcases your investment in a round bathtub

Bathroom remodeling is no small investment; the Round Bathtub Guide strives to help you save money by giving you useful information about choosing the best model for your bath, purchasing and installing a round bathtub.

Benefits, features, dimensions and installation of a round bathtub are all discussed in the guide. If you have been considering a new bathtub and want something a little more interesting than the standard square bathtub can provide; take a look at this guide. The information is presented in an easy to navigate format for your convenience.

“I am disabled and looking for a walk in bathtub. I had no idea there were round bathtubs with this option until I read about it in the guide.” states homeowner Gary S.

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