Pro-Top is Now being Offered in Colorado by Select Materials

The Pro-Top professional topsoil maker is now being offered in Colorado by Select Materials.

Online PR News – 19-May-2017 – Denver, Colorado – Select Materials has now partnered with Leister Limited to market its premium topsoil amendment called Pro-Top. Pro-Top is a professional topsoil making product that uses the purchasers own native soil as the major component.

Many Colorado homeowners suffer from soils that have either too much sand, or too much clay to perform as good growing mediums. Pro-Top can rectify these issues by adding organic material to these deficient soils. It is a pioneer in the industry and provides both organic materials, plant and animal materials that have been composted back to their basic ingredients. The growing potential of the native soils can be greatly enhanced by adding the resulting organic materials back into native soils. The result is a well-balanced soil that can grow most all crops.

Pro-Top is a dark earthy organic material. It is currently being distributed in the Colorado region by Select Materials LLC.

Select Materials LLC is a bulk producer of topsoil, sand, compost, mulch, stone, and other various landscaping materials. The firm specializes in the bulk wholesale delivery of these products by the truck load. Select Materials greatest attribute is its ability to produce custom products and topsoil blends that meet customers exact specifications.

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