Kevin Stirling's 'Houston, We Have a Space Junk Problem' Wins 2017 Platinum NASA Remi at Worldfest
19 May 2017
"Houston, We Have a Space Junk Problem," a new documentary from filmmaker Kevin Stirling, that examines the daunting, dangerous and potentially deadly problem of space junk orbiting the Earth, has won the prestigious 2017 Platinum Worldfest-NASA Remi Award at the 50th Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival. "This is a great honor for me to win the 2017 Platinum Worldfest-NASA Remi Award,” said Kevin Stirling, the film's producer, and director. The space junk problem is real and it poses potential life-threatening dangers for astronauts aboard the ISS as well as for our everyday lives here on Earth in terms of weather satellites, GPS systems and much more, and so it is a worrisome challenge for all nations both in the short term and longer term.” Viewers will better understand the growing magnitude of the space junk problem since the dawn of U.S. space travel, both unmanned and manned NASA missions, as well as the enormous use of satellites and other space objects from a growing number of nations that float high above and around the earth and the dangers they pose both in space and on earth. Viewers will also recall the historic flight of Gemini 4, and the first-ever U.S. space walk by astronaut Ed White on June 3, 1965. It was during this first U.S. spacewalk, as astronaut Ed White flew high above the earth that a spacesuit glove became loose and accidentally flew out of the Gemini cabin, into space, and into the history books, perhaps becoming the first piece of space junk. "Congratulations Kevin Stirling on winning this top award for your documentary short, "Houston, We Have a Space Junk Problem," said J. Hunter Todd, Chairman, and WorldFest-Houston Founding Director. "It is very difficult to win a Remi at Worldfest, and we are thrilled that your film has won the 2017 Platinum Wordfest-NASA Remi Award." "Houston, We Have a Space Junk Problem," features remarkable NASA footage, interviews with scientists, space debris experts and others who provide an in-depth look into the dangers posed by this growing space junk challenge, as well as the behind the scenes world of how NASA tracks, monitors and avoids space junk collisions, as they prepare for ISS missions and new satellite launches. Stirling, a Philadelphia native, previously won the 2016 Special Jury NASA Remi Award for “Apollo 8: A Christmas Moon” as well as the 2016 Silver Remi for a trailer he produced for “Cloistered: God’s Women of Steel” a documentary profiling the Poor Clare Nuns at Our Lady of Angels Monastery in Hanceville, Alabama. He has been making independent films since 2009 when he won his first film award, the Special Jury Award for “MOON BEAT,” his documentary about the journalists who covered the 1960s space race. Stirling, a director, producer, and editor, provides a broad range of film and video services through his production company NCI Film Productions and can be reached for corporate/commercial film/TV projects (domestic & foreign) at info@ncivp.comrnrnWorldFest-Houston is the oldest Independent Film & Video Festival in the World and is the festival that discovered Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ang Lee, John Lee Hancock, Randall Kleiser, Ridley Scott, Robert Rodriguez, Robert Townsend, The Coen Brothers, Spike Lee, Oliver Stone and David Lynch with their first awards. For More Information: “Houston, We Have a Space Junk Problem” WorldFest Houston: