Get Lost in an Engrossing Epic Tale of Swords, Dragons, and Valor

Get Lost in an Engrossing Epic Tale of Swords, Dragons, and Valor

Online PR News – 17-May-2017 – Kelso, WA – The Lodestone Saga, a modern high fantasy series by Robert Louis Engleman, opens with the characters in worlds torn by a war between good and evil.

In book one, The Sword of VaLor', Leon an orphan, witnessed everything he owned and loved destroyed by the wild warriors from the North, and then is drawn to a totally different world to master his gift to save that world. Will Leon be consumed by the evil or use his gift for good?

In book two, The Tiara of Thann, Varla, a gray–eyed girl from the small village of Koontifney, knew she was special. Her gift of telepathy, to speak to and hear animals, is a gift only seen in those born of Ancient blood. Her life of comfort and solitude begins to crumble as the world of Thann is being rapidly conquered by a very evil queen. Will she be seduced by evil power and willingly stay under that evil's influence or fight for the greater good?

Within this single cover, comprising the first two books of a seven-book series, readers will fall in love with each character as they watch their life-changing journey unfold. The author weaves a tale full of devious, intriguing and delightful characters, giving his heroes and heroines a vast array of challenges to overcome.

The Lodestone Saga will have fantasy readers yearning for more, with its captivating characters, equally amazing adventures and the scope of their thrilling worlds.

About the Author:
Robert Louis Engleman is a retired electrician who found pleasure in reading science fiction and fantasy novels from a time, well before TV, while he was in his early teens. When he was eighteen, and still in the army, he wrote his first full length novel. That was actually well before computers believe it or not. The arrival of computers simplified the process greatly, and retirement gave him the necessary time. This book is one of a series of fantasy and science fiction novels that he has called the Lodestone Saga. He lives on a small ranch in Washington State and raises horses, (three, at present), dogs (one, at present) and plays servant to cats (three, also at present). He enjoys horseback riding, skiing, and sailing. He hopes that you'll find even a small portion of the pleasure reading his stories that he had writing them.

Product Details:
Paperback: 478 pages
Publisher: BookBlastPro Inc. (April 22, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 194685431X
ISBN-13: 978-1946854315
Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.1 x 9 inches
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