Simple and most powerful student evaluation tools for authentic learning experiences

Creatrix Campus has introduced Course Evaluation system to gather and analyze student feedback on assessments, learning activities, and teaching effectiveness.

Online PR News – 17-May-2017 – Texas / San Antonio – Creatrix Campus provides course evaluation solution for a number of instructional and learning needs. Creatrix Campus has implemented higher education ERP system in colleges and other institutions. But, higher education leaders are seeking a cohesive platform for recruitment, scheduling, curriculum mapping, assessment, evaluation, and faculty workload management. The integrated course management streamlines these processes into one solution, allowing college leaders to make more informed decisions to improve course quality.

Creatrix Campus has successfully developed course evaluation solution and is also happy with its course management system. When college leaders learned that Creatrix Campus is launching the course evaluation solution, they are excited to integrate the system that could transform course quality and course delivery for their students.

The Course evaluation system will enable higher education institutions to tailor courses on-demand. If institutions find deficiency in the courses or faculty through student feedback, they are going to confront it head on. They can identify areas of weakness and address those concerns instead of trying to sweep it under the carpet.

College leaders are excited about leveraging the course evaluation system to allow instructors to create common benchmark for courses to assess if students are meeting common core standards. Colleges have to ensure that students are not only competent, but they are improving. A need for a stronger evaluation system will enable colleges to look at student feedback data critically and learn what courses are hitting perfectly and/or struggling.

The ability to provide accurate curriculum mapping and offer students, faculties and instructors an easy-to-use system to do reporting and grades in real-time. The course evaluation system is going change everything we are looking for.

About Creatrix Campus

Creatrix Campus is a flagship product of Anubavam LLC, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with branches across South Africa, UAE and India. With their innovative approach to education, Creatrix Campus platform helps small, medium and large sized colleges and higher education institutions to better align their core academic and administrative processes with technology, and help plan, implement, manage and maintain their IT infrastructure, leading to enhanced learning outcomes and ability to compete in today's market.

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