“Akhi's Bytes and NASA's Flights: Off to Mars” An Inspiring Children's Story by Rajesh Valluri
19 May 2017
“Akhi's Bytes and NASA's Flights: Off to Mars” An Inspiring Story of Science, Determination, Dedication and Love, by Rajesh VallurirnCalifornia, May 09, 2017. “Akhi’s Bytes and NASA's Flights" is the story of Dr. Jackson, his wife Cathy and Akhi his daughter. The book showcases the story of NASA and its plans to send people to the planet Mars. Dr. Jackson is the leader of the on-board computing systems (OCS) team, responsible for building the computers that control every aspect of the shuttle that carries the astronauts to Mars the intrigues is undertaking its most ambitious project yet, sending humans to the planet Mars.rnEverything starts out normal as Dr. Jackson and his team prepares to deliver a remarkable piece of technology that could change the course of NASA’s history forever. In addition to his professional achievements, Dr. Jackson and his wife Cathy welcome their first child Akhi into their lives. Taking after her father, our little Akhi shows all the signs of a prodigy, making interesting friends and learning to do things beyond her age. Jackson and his family lived a normal and happy live until he is accused of theft and sabotaging the Mars program. Dr. Jackson struggled to clear his name and survive the cruel accusation. His battle to reclaim his career led him through countless difficulties in this story of adventure, determination and family unity.rnDuring the course of Dr. Jackson travails, all hope seemed lost, before Akhi teamed up with her friends in the most unlikely circumstance to save the day and restore her dad’s dignity. Dr. Jackson’s survival and restoration through Akhi’s heroics remains a story that every lover of suspense, science, and adventure should read. This book is sure to capture the imagination of little kids while also encouraging them towards science.rnRajesh Valluri, author of the book had this to say, “I wrote this book in the hope to change at least a few young minds. I wanted children, girls in particular, to see the world in a different light. I want them inspired, excited and determined to achieve great things in their lives. I want science to be their guiding light, their true calling and I hope they grow up to turn the tide of declining scientific progress in the US. I want them to be the next Nobel winners, the next generation astronauts, and a million other things they could be. I want them to be proud of their mental faculties, not just their physical attributes. I want them to be the future of our world in the true sense of that word.”rnAbout the AuthorrnRajesh Valluri is an Indian born author currently resident in Sydney, Australia. Although a computer engineer by profession, writing has been a lifelong passion for him. His debut work “The man-eating Tiger of Yeleswarm”, a collection of short stories, was a great success. Rajesh is also fascinated with Astronomy and all the great strides mankind has made over the past half a century in the field of space exploration. This book combines his love of computers and space, and adds a little human drama, to weave a fun little story. He hopes to inspire children, especially, girls, to pursue scientific careers and achieve great things for mankind’s future. For more information, please visit https://www.amazon.com/Akhis-Bytes-NASAs-Flights-Mars/dp/0648010805/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8rnContact InformationrnRajesh Vallurirnvallurirajesh@gmail.com rn909 939 3239