Tranquil Moments, LLC Set to Release, Crazy Faith

Stories that show that manifested faith, involves out-of-this-world believing

Online PR News – 16-May-2017 – Los Angeles, CA – "Crazy Faith," Tranquil Moments LLC's forthcoming book, will be released on June 21, its publicist announced today. It was compiled by Nicole "Jahzara" Bradley. The anthology features 11 respected, guest authors who illustrate how they used crazy faith to conquer fear, pain and extreme danger.

The writers draw from their personal experiences and share how their radical believing and crazy faith were rewarded with a miracle. The stories are shocking, inspirational, powerful, and at times -- humorous. All depict vivid realism, poignancy, and detail how each individual was delivered from defeat.

A partial list of contributing authors:


Elaine Bradley, Indiana
Amy Brinkley, Indiana
Jahzara Bradley, Indiana
Annette Bridges Texas
Nashanta Robinson, Indiana
Fran Briggs, Arizona

"Radical faith that goes well-beyond conventional believing. It's known as crazy faith," explained Nicole Bradley. It involves not rationalizing, believing in God, and knowing that what you truly desire will manifest."

Nicole Bradley says that often-ignored, biblical scriptures produce viable solutions. "Crazy Faith's aim is to empower and move every reader forward in life. It is ideal for anyone who could benefit from creating new and preferred outcomes."

Bradley added that she was inspired to compile "Crazy Faith" after listening to the lyrics from Marvin Sapp's, "Praise Him in Advance."

"We've actually been working on this project for years, and now, it's here," she says.

"Crazy Faith" will be available on Amazon and selected online and traditional book stores. For additional information, including media opportunities, bookings and photo opportunities, please contact Fran Briggs.