2mcctv Security Cameras Successfully Records Swan Septuplets Hatching At Turtle Creek Lane

With 2mtechnology TVI HD motorized bullet camera, 2mcctv, a leading provider of security cameras..

Online PR News – 16-May-2017 – Texas, United States – With 2mtechnology TVI HD motorized bullet camera, 2mcctv, a leading provider of security cameras, has recently recorded swan septuplets hatching at the Turtle Creek Lane on May 8th,2017 .

Mute Swans are the symbol of grace and beauty and also called as the goddess of love. They have a beautiful life cycle to observe. Mute Swans usually have one mate for their whole lives. They achieve maturity in 3yrs but do not start breeding unless they find their mate. Though the Swan has a lifespan of 10 years, their number grows quickly as they reproduce a set of cygnets every year. This year on May 8th, 2mcctv, a leading security cameras provider have captured the birth of beautiful Swan Septuplets in their 2mtechnology TVI HD motorized bullet camera at Turtle Creek Lane.

It began when turtle creek lane approached 2mcctv.com to have a custom security solutions to record and keep an eye on the activity of Swan Septuplets. As one of the leading experts in network cameras, 2mcctv.com stepped in and created a high-performance outdoor day/night IP camera system to help turtle creek lane monitor and record the whole hatching process of beautiful swan septuplets.

To ensure best picture quality for live viewing of egg hatching, 2mcctv.com have installed 2mtechnology TVI HD motorizes bullet security camera at turtle creek lane. This camera support 1080p, have a motorized zoom lens that focuses automatically according to any change in light during day/night. To view the hatching live and also for recording purpose, the installed 2mtechnology TVI HD security camera was connected an HDMI converter that converts TVI signals to HDMI. The HDMI signal converter was connected to the live streaming device.

The focus of the lens of 2mtechnology security cameras can be controlled by their HD digital video recorder to zoom in or out upto 30 feet. This feature of the security camera helped the people of Turtle Creek Lane to keep the swan babies safe and secure.

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