New Book Chronicles How to Bone Up Your Guitar Moves and Technique

New Book Chronicles How to Bone Up Your Guitar Moves and Technique

Online PR News – 15-May-2017 – Madison, WI – The road toward becoming a better guitarist is paved in Ken Jackson's self-explanatory book, Guitar. It is a manual that introduces diagrams, techniques, systems, scales, structures to help enthusiast and beginners to learn about guitar.

The book is self-taught to people who wants to become a guitar virtuoso, but Jackson insists commissioning a professional guitar teacher is still the best option.

Guitar offers basic education towards learning to play the guitar but the content has additional inspiration, aside from the humble beginnings of its author, it also offers a variety of learning that one can adapt to be a better guitar player with zest and enthusiasm.

This is a kind of guitar book that can solidify one's appreciation towards guitar playing, where beginners and professionals take to improve upon mastering their craft.

About the Author:
I started off as a musician in high school, playing guitar and bass. Coming out of high school, I knew some of my own songs as well as those of other artists. I didn't start writing poems for a while though-except in high school for English class, when I wrote a poem that said, "Let's blow up the rotten school and build ourselves a swimming pool," which raised an issue at school similar to bomb threats in this day and age. Then there was this dirty poem I wrote in my early twenties. But I was still writing songs then. I took some college courses in jazz, piano, songwriting, and creative writing. Back in 1985, I recorded with a famous producer. Butch Vig produced Nevermind by Nirvana, a number-one album of the year in the early nineties. Then, in 1986, I started a twenty-year sentence for a crime. That's when I started writing poetry. I took a course in creative writing from UW–Extension. I wrote a few poems and people liked them, so I wrote more. There came a time when I used poetry as therapy. I would write two poems for every two weeks. And that beats writer's block. A lot of that stuff is in the book Best of Ken Jackson. I was released in '99 and put out a bunch of rock 'n' roll albums. I was also participating in a monthly poetry group for a while. I wrote one section of this book using a variety of student researchers.

Product details:
Paperback: 552 pages
Publisher: Xlibris (September 24, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1503592847
ISBN-13: 978-1503592841
Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.4 x 9 inches

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