CellSens Launches Resources Page

Mobile Network Optimization Datasheets and Videos

Online PR News – 16-May-2017 – The Hague, The Netherlands – Mobile network software provider, CellSens, B.V., has recently released a Resources Page on their website www.cellsens.com. The newly released Resources Page consists of a portfolio of mobile network optimization assets.

These assets include videos and datasheets encompassing topics such as:

• Customer Experience Management
• Antenna Footprint and Tilt
• Drive Test Analysis
• Traffic Density
• Performance Alarms

The aim of the page is to put valuable network performance management information in the hands of Mobile Network Operators, furthering the CellSens mission of taking the guesswork out of mobile network optimization.

The CellSens’ Marketing Team stated, “As we continue to develop the page and provide additional resources, we hope to deliver to Mobile Network Operators the tools needed to make informed decisions that ultimately lead to improved network performance”.

To access the page, visit www.cellsens.com/resources.

About CellSens: CellSens delivers intelligent software solutions and services to Mobile Network Operators for Network Optimization and Performance Management.

CellSens can be deployed very quickly on multi-vendor, multi-technology networks and provides full view across the network elements using an easy GUI.

Founded 2010 in Den Haag, Netherlands, CellSens is an agile, flexible and fast growing B2B Service Provider in Mobile Network Technology.