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Getting a second passport is indispensable to the people who travel across different countries. However, the benefits of the second passports are unknown to most of the people. That’s the reason why we have added ‘second passports’ to our audio series, according to the professional lawyers of

Online PR News – 19-January-2009 – – Panama, January 2009 - “Acquiring a second passport makes up a smart act to assure your future, financial liabilities and breaking away governmental agitation. They're fundamentally a traveler’s card, published by a country to admit their citizen to go to a different country and enjoy their stay at that place." "However, many people are not aware of the benefits of getting a second passport. That’s why we have added the topic ‘second passports’ to our exclusive audio second passport lecture series”, said Gizela Martinez of

She added that “A legal passport carries the name, nationality, the birth date, signature and additional recognition, which supports citizenship and admits citizen to go freely to a different country and accomplish their business concern or others motives." "Consequently, for going to a different country, all citizens must hold a valid passport that intends the validness of the visit. In case the person doesn't have a valid passport, he is likely to confront hard consequences. Fine in the means of hard cash or imprisonment term or both can be applied depending on the aim and nature of visit.”

Speaking about the benefits of Second passports, Gizela Martinez said, “Getting a second passport is actually very advantageous. It gives you the summed up advantage to enjoy the benefits and facilities brought about by a different country." "With your second passport, you're likely to love the whole rights alike other citizens. Abided by the government of a different country, second passport legitimatize your stay and you'll be able to enjoy tax compensates and custom duties equally similar to other born citizens of the country.”

Gizela Martinez’s words about the diplomatic passport was that “The diplomatic passports can be just outlined as the passports issued from a country to its diplomatists doing work in the country’s agencies and consulates, placed at another country and nations." "A Diplomatic passport is the most simplistic means to protect the rights and concerns of a diplomatist, based outside the country. The concept of giving a separate passport for diplomatists came up into execution later on ‘the Vienna Convention of diplomatic Relations in 1961.”

He concluded that with all these benefits, getting a second passport cannot be ignored. Keeping that in mind, we have included 'second passports' to our Audio lecture series.

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