Growing Companies Inhibited by Reliance on Older IT Equipment

With the right planning and organization however, this whole situation is completely preventable.

Online PR News – 15-May-2017 – Houston TX – It’s an unfortunate, but often frequent sight within the business world – a company starts off doing all the right things. The fledgling business hires great staff, develops an indomitable work ethic, and provides a top-notch service for its customer base. It’s not long before the company starts growing without bound and hires more staff, slowly but surely placing a greater strain on the original network infrastructure. In the company’s zealous drive to provide the best for its loyal followers, it is often forgotten that the uptime of the company is completely dependent on the functionality of its computers. When the intense strain of a growing company couples with the irRegular maintenance schedule often found in these situations, it becomes only a matter of time before the system fatigues and undergoes a massive meltdown, often causing large headaches and similarly large associated costs

With the right planning and organization however, this whole situation is completely preventable. Most companies won’t realize that the infrastructure has been struggling to keep up with its growth until it collapses, so it is important to establish correct growth and maintenance procedures from the beginning.

Regular maintenance often involves installing software on each workstation as well as the central server that monitors the health of each machine. This keeps the techs informed about the exact status of each machine, enabling easy identification and resolution of small issues, preventing the problem from evolving into something a little more difficult to resolve. This one small step will often prevent major catastrophes such as hard drive crashes and motherboard failures, both of which involve major downtime.

As well as regular checkups on each machine, it’s important to regularly confirm that backup devices are functioning as intended and storing the correct data. While humorous to a spectator, finding out after a hard drive failure that the file backup did not actually include its intended critical data is a frequent and often heartbreaking occurrence.

While regular maintenance will ensure that all machines are healthy and functioning at an optimal level, sometimes the demands placed on the system are simply too much to bear. In situations like this, it’s important to recognize that the machines are running slowly not because the components have been worn down, but rather because the hardware itself needs a little more juice. The difficult part here is often figuring out exactly which part of the system needs the extra resources. In some cases, components in the workstation simply aren’t powerful enough, but sometimes it has to do with network optimization or the server’s ability to juggle demands

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