Somabar™ Launches Automated Bartending in Los Angeles

Introducing SOMABAR™, the automated bartender for enterprise (bars, restaurants, hotels and sports & entertainment venues) serving cocktails in seconds.

Online PR News – 12-May-2017 – Los Angeles, California – Introducing SOMABAR™, the revolutionary automated bartending company on a mission to make it better, faster and more economical for enterprise (bars, restaurants, hotels, lounges and sports & entertainment venues) to serve perfectly crafted cocktails and mixed drinks in seconds. Somabar™ today announced the commercial launch of its first enterprise countertop automated bartending system, uniting single-button operation, curated mixology and robotic technology to dispense perfect cocktails instantly and effortlessly.

“Somabar™: Meet your new professional bartender, no salary required.”

Somabar’s™ automated bartending enterprise system includes:

Somabar™ Machine: The Somabar™ Machine is WiFi-enabled, built with breakthrough technology to dynamically mix and dispense from seven different ingredient pods, including bitters, in a beautifully designed, countertop machine with single-button operation.

SomaPods™: Somabar’s™ proprietary SomaPods™ with ingredient identification technology allows for the “hot swapping” of mixed drink ingredients. The Somabar™ Machine automatically identifies and then instantly updates the cocktail service menu with the new combination and variety of drinks available based upon the SomaPod™ ingredients inserted. This innovative design allows for one single Somabar™ Machine to create hundreds of different cocktails with zero effort and mixology experience.

Somabar™ App: The Somabar mobile app – compatible with iOS and soon Android devices – powers the mixology menu and can be easily customized for the most efficient commercial operations with individualized drink menus for every category of commercial use and operation.

Somabar’s™ commercial launch is particularly intriguing as one of its first restaurant clients is the House of Meatballs (HOM) in Westwood Village (near UCLA), which establishment holds only a Wine & Beer license (type 41), and not a full bar / liquor license (types 47/48). Yet Somabar™ enables HOM to legally serve its patrons the most popular cocktails such as the Margarita and Martini. Somabar™ makes this possible through the combination of machine-learning mixology built into the Somabar™ system and the use of legal fermented alcohol proxies such as fermented Agave (the surrogate for tequila in the Margarita) and Soju (a Korean fermented alcohol that mimics vodka in the Martini).

“My restaurant has a wine & beer license, so I never imagined I could be serving cocktails. With Somabar™, we are now selling a high-volume of cocktails every night… and my margins are excellent!” Gennaro “Gio” Morra, Restaurateur (HOM)

And in California, a new law (AB1322) enacted on January 1, 2017 allows the Golden State’s 40,000+ salons and barber shops to serve beer and wine without a license, as long as the drinker is of age and getting a beauty or grooming service. Somabar’s™ innovative fermented alcohol mixology menu and single button creation empowers these establishments to provide highly-curated upscale cocktail service to their most discriminating clientele, enhancing and elevating the customer experience.

Somabar’s™ team is comprised of passionate leaders and experts across the fields of hardware design and production, wine & spirits, business, technology, mixology and marketing who are focused on disrupting the way cocktails are created and consumed globally and paving the way for the future of enterprise mixology and cocktail service. Team experience includes (current and former) Tech Coast Angels, Harvard Business School Angels, Duke University Angels, Beats by Dre, Shark/Ninja, Pernod Ricard, Sodastream, Marriott/Starwood, Anova and others.

Somabar™ is currently taking enterprise orders and pricing is structured to support each industry vertical. Due to the demand for Somabar™, initial product availability is limited, and unit delivery will reopen later this year. Somabar™ has partnered with select marquee national and international brands to optimize the Somabar™ experience in some of the most extraordinary locations around the world.

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About Somabar™

Somabar™ is on a mission to invent products, services and experiences to help enterprise create, dispense and sell high-quality craft cocktails with minimal time and effort, maximizing efficiency, product quality and profit. With the introduction of the world’s first countertop automated bartending system — The Somabar™ Machine, SomaPods™ and connected Somabar™ App — Somabar™ has reinvented professional bartending by empowering the creation of perfectly crafted cocktails to commercial and enterprise clients without the need for a dedicated bartender or any special mixology skills, knowledge or training. Somabar™ was founded by Dylan Purcell-Lowe and Christopher Hameetman in Los Angeles and brings together leading experts across the fields of robotics, wine & spirits, product design and technology.

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