Veterans are Being Denied VA Disability Benefits at an Alarming Rate, Says Woods & Woods

The VA has been making changes, but veterans aren't reporting better treatment.

Online PR News – 11-May-2017 – Indianapolis, Indiana – The Veterans Administration is denying VA Disability claims at an alarming rate. The Veterans Administration has been trying for years to move cases faster - not review claims more accurately. Because of the push to move claims faster, some veterans are wrongly being denied.

On top of alarming denial rates, the VA backlog has grown as well. While the VA has sped up the application process, the appeals process has become backlogged even more. Veterans are angry and they are growing tired of the VA Disability Benefits process.

"The only real difference we have seen is that claims are being denied faster," stated Neil Woods, at attorney at Woods & Woods Veterans Benefits law firm. "The VA doesn't seem to be focused on accuracy at all - they are trying to meet their goals, which deals with the number of claims decided, not the level of accuracy in their decisions. It's frustrating for my lawyers and for my clients. We have to regularly give our clients pep talks, so they don't give up. The entire VA Disability process is a mess - it's really disheartening and hurts the bravest men and woman in America."

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"We are really proud of the work we do here," said Woods. "Our law firm has built an amazing system for managing cases. We even have in-house doctors who work on claims, we have case analysts that are building clients' cases, and the rest of the staff is so dedicated to helping veterans. It has taken decades to get our law firm to the point we have it now - helping this many people doesn't happen overnight."

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