PWS Group Advises Drop in Pound As Await Construction Activity Survey in 2017

The PWS Group has advised the Pound dropped on Wednesday as investors eagerly await the construction activity survey in 2017.

Online PR News – 10-May-2017 – Dubai – PWS Group provides personal finance planning, wealth management and more to net worth clients around the world and staying on top of what is going on in terms of currencies and investments is essential to their clients. They advised that they provide clients with a holistic approach to reduce their tax while increasing their wealth moving forward.

The company comprises of an experienced team of dedicated professionals who are passionate in assisting their clients in the long run. They specialise in British pensions, overseas pension transfers, lifetime allowance tax planning, inheritance tax planning and wealth management.

PWS, Prestige Wealth Solution, advised that the signs of Britain leaving the European Union is affecting the Pound / Dollar exchange rate and these signs are being noticed this week.

The Pound fell against the Dollar on Wednesday 3 May 2017, though it didn't move far from it's highest levels which it has achieved over the past seven months. The reason for the fall has been linked to the anticipation of the construction activity survey, which brings us back to the exit between Britain and the European Union.

The manufacturing survey which was released on Tuesday was better than anticipated, which provided the Pound with some much needed lift. Again on Wednesday, it dropped very slightly to $1.2930 for the last trading day of April. The seven month high was $1.2965.

According to PWS Group, an independent company of financial advisor that cater to high net worth clients around the world, the Britain EU exit bill is adding pressure to the currency. It has already been ascertained that Britain will not pay the 100 billion Euros in order to leave the European Union.

The company is passionate in providing clients with first class services and advised that their team of independent financial advisor’s are on hand to provide clients with any financial planning and wealth management solutions they need, as they anticipate that Brexit will have a significant impact on financial and wealth plans moving forward.

A spokesperson at PWS Dubai said “We are anticipating some major changes in the coming months as Brexit continues it's negotiations. Our team are ready for any changes which may take place and are on hand to provide our clients with the financial assistance that they need.”