The Accent Coach Announces The Importance of Speech Classes in College

Speech is often a required course in many college programs, especially in business.

A topic you enjoy will give you added confidence when talking in front of others.

Online PR News – 09-May-2017 – Vero Beach, FL – Speech is often a required course in many college programs, especially in business. The accent coach, Claudette Roche, wants students to understand the importance of this class, and she explains why they should take advantage of it to get the most benefit.

Speech class is a general education class where students learn how to give different kinds of speeches. For those who don't like to speak in front of others, they focus on getting through the class with a passing grade as quickly as possible. Instead, business accent coach Claudette Roche suggests ways to get the most out of the course. First, she says, try to choose topics with which the speaker is familiar. This allows the person to feel more confident about speaking. They can focus on their tone, body language and other aspects of the speech instead of just the words. "It's much easier to speak about something you know," Roche says. "A topic you enjoy will give you added confidence when talking in front of others." The enthusiasm the speaker has for the subject will make it more interesting to the audience even if they aren't the most eloquent.

Another tip Roche gives young speakers is to practice before the real speech. People often practice in their rooms or when they are alone. Instead, it is better to get two or three friends together. This gives the speaker a chance to get comfortable looking at people when speaking before getting up in a full class. The friends can also provide valuable feedback to help the person improve. They can go over the speech multiple times to help the person feel more confident. Anyone who struggles with speaking in public should focus on one or two areas for improvement at a time. Once they have mastered those issues, they can work on other problems until the speech is smooth.

Enunciation is an important part of speaking in public, and students should learn to speak clearly. They also need to practice on reducing as much of any accents as possible, which often makes them hard to understand. As a speech business coach, Roche knows the difficulty in understanding a heavy accent can reduce the effectiveness of the speaker. Speaking slowly and enunciating all syllables of a word can help people be better understood.

There are many opinions on what a person should look at when they are speaking to an audience, but for beginners, it is best to focus on whatever makes them feel comfortable. For some, it may be looking over people’s heads. For others, it may be making eye contact with one or two people they know. As the person develops more confidence in their ability to speak in public, they can work on these various non-language issues. Speech class can provide students with a valuable skill they will use throughout their lives, in work and in their personal lives. They should take advantage of this opportunity.

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