Search Engine Optimization in Spokane now being offered by Jett Advertising

Jett Advertising, a new business in the Spokane Valley area of Washington state, is now focusing their Internet Marketing and SEO Services to assist local businesses.

Online PR News – 16-October-2009 – – October 15, 2009 - After several years of successful affiliate marketing, Jett Enterprises is now forming a new advertising agency by the name of Jett Advertising that will concentrate on offering SEO, SEM, as well as other internet marketing services to Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho area businesses.

According to Pete Jett, SEO and SEM Consultant with Jett Advertising, "We've had great success over the last couple of years in dominating the first page of search results for Google and Yahoo with both our own affiliate websites as well as those for a few select clients. Although we will continue to work with and accept new national clients on a limited basis, in the next few years we are making a concerted effort to offer our marketing knowledge and skills to our local region in order to better enable them to prosper in a real tough economic climate."

Jett added, "It is really quite amazing that there are still a lot of business owners that believe they can develop a website and people will somehow just find it. They have yet to understand the value of how good SEO web marketing services can help them get targeted customers to their site or to their business, customers that are ready to buy their product or service. Better yet is that we can achieve this high visibility with targeted traffic for them through the organic search engine listing results."

"For example we have a new client out of Florida that has a product they have been marketing for several years, but yet they had virtually no search engine visibility. We started working with them three months ago and already we have them dominating many of the best search phrases for their product. On one of the best phrases for the 10 organic search positions on page one, we have their product featured in positions 1,2,3,4,5, and 8. This makes it super easy for an internet searcher to not just find their product, but to say, wow, this must be some product, it is everywhere."

"Even if businesses don't have a website, we can still help their business tremendously with our internet services by achieving high local search listings for various search engines. It has become quite obvious over the last few years that many forms of print media advertising are dying slow deaths with newspapers and magazines falling by the wayside every month; this even includes the print yellow pages. On the flip side of the coin, however, is the fact that more and more people are looking for things to buy on the internet. It doesn't matter whether it's a product, service, dining experience, or whatever...people want the ease of looking for it through local internet search."

"This can be especially beneficial to business owners who can tap into surges in out of town visitors who use their phones to do searches while they are visiting a new area. The business owners just need to be sure that they are up there towards the top of the list when people are searching. That is the ranking we help them achieve. Again, this isn't for promoting just business websites, local search is for promoting any business, website or not. It can really be a boost to a business to tap into this local search traffic."

Jett concluded, "Being able to work with local companies will be a rewarding direction for us with our new company."

Jett Advertising offers a free initial consultation where they will learn about your business and discuss how their various internet marketing services can help you. They can then prepare a no cost proposal to suit the needs of your unique business.

Jett Advertising is located in the Spokane Valley of Washington State.