Web site offers a mouthpiece for the shy, intimidated and bottled-up

When you can’t say it face to face, say it anonymously with a TellAllGram. This groundbreaking online service offers a safe way to share thoughts with the people in your life. It’s always free, trustworthy and absolutely secret.

Online PR News – 16-October-2009 – – In an era where many folks never really speak their minds to other people, TellAllGram.com throws the hammer down on keeping quiet. The latest innovation in social networking, the Web site allows users to send digital telegrams – anonymously. So whether venting to a restaurant manager about poor service; pranking a friend; telling politicians exactly how you feel; or sending admirations– TellAllGram keeps identities protected.

Founders Paul Maki and Dan Burke spearheaded the North Carolina-based operation on a simple idea: Too many people are scared these days to express themselves.

“We want this to be used for good, to let people say what they feel instead of holding it in – that’s just not healthy,” Maki said. “This is an outlet, a movement to get people communicating again.”

Among other features, TellAllGram.com posts the sent anonymous e-mails (and the occasional replies) for site visitors to read. The site even houses a section that lets fans act out their favorite TellAllGram, record, and post it for the world to see.

Burke explained that with the YouTube generation cranking out videos, this gives them a new challenge. “It’s the next step,” he said. “It’s an actual script.”

Just wrapping up its first quarter of existence, TellAllGram has already drawn an international crowd. Most recently, the site’s owners visited the Social Networking Conference in London to promote the online creation. The concept was greeted with praise and interest from some of the industries biggest names.