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Excessively priced healthcare is the main reason Americans give for being unable to access quality health care. Many people with below-average earnings are less likely than their counterparts in other countries to: visit a healthcare provider when ill; get a prescribed test, treatment, or follow-up care. Less affluent Americans are also less likely to fill a prescription or visit a dentist. Many Americans on health insurance find that premiums are rising with insurance policies covering far fewer conditions for the price.

Almost 59% of American healthcare providers agree that their patients find it difficult to pay for care. Compared to 5% of privately insured adults & 27% of those on public insurance who couldn’t afford medical healthcare, 31% of uninsured adults weren’t able to get or postponed medical care due to cost. “We’re aware of the healthcare issues Americans with chronic diseases face, which is why International Drug Mart offers generic prescription and OTC drugs at much cheaper prices than other online drugstores,” says Max Landman, CEO, InternationalDrugmart.com.

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