Will Online Sales Letters Change After The New FTC Ruling Kicks In?

The FTC in a new ruling is requiring that testimonials and endorsements represent generally expected results, state and substantiate those results. Will this hurt online sales letters?

Online PR News – 16-October-2009 – – Will the new FTC ruling that goes into effect December 1, 2009 hurt online sales letters or cause small business owners to rely on other forms of communication?

The FTC has ruled that testimonials and endorsements must represent the generally expected result users will obtain.

States one business owner: "It's a rather difficult ruling to comply with. What if Bill Parcells wrote a book on how to win a superbowl? Would that title be allowed as a headline on a sales letter since it's not a generally expected result of the book buyer?"

The new ruling removes the safe haven that allowed for a disclaimer stating the testimonials weren't indicative of average results.

Other business owners feel the new transparency may have a positive impact and lower the amount of hype online. Perhaps it will give online scammers second pause.

One thing is certain. This ruling effects almost every online business. How the FTC enforces the ruling remains yet to be seen.

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