Ablrate Gains ISA Manager Status and Passes £20 Million in Loans

Ablrate, the online lender who specialises in asset backed loans, announces that the platform has gained authorisation from HMRC to become an ISA manager.

Online PR News – 28-April-2017 – Henley-on-Thames – David Bradley-Ward, CEO at Ablrate, said: "Following our successful application for full authorisation from the FCA we now have the necessary approvals from HMRC to offer an Innovative Finance ISA. We hope to be able announce the launch of our IFISA soon after integrating the necessary technology."

The IFISA marks the start of expansion for the online lender, Bradley-Ward added, "Full authorisation was the starting gun for our expansion plans, with an ISA product we will be able to box off another milestone for the company."

Full authorisation was the starting gun for our expansion plans with an ISA product we will be able to box off another milestone for the company.

However, the asset backed lender is taking a cautious attitude towards the new product. "The ISA has been a traditional savings product and we, as an industry, need to be careful not to market the product as any sort of savings vehicle and make sure we are always pointing out the risk in equal measure to the obvious benefits of this tax wrapper."

Expansion into Australia and the Far East is also on the cards, "We are very close to launching with our partners in Australia and we also have plans in the Far East, but our team here in the UK is expanding. Our platform has arranged an average of £50,000 per day in loans in the last seven months and we are aiming to increase that number significantly and we are sure that the IFISA will help along with the addition of new members to our team."

About Ablrate

Ablrate is a market lending exchange where lenders are brought together with borrowers to fund asset backed transactions in aircraft, capital equipment and other secure, income generating loans. Found by a team of industry experts in aircraft, leasing and finance the company launched in beta in 2014, launched its new platform in 2015 and has filled £20 million in loans during this period with £5.5 million traded on its secondary market.

For more information about Ablrate visit http://www.ablrate.com