HiBoost Announces New LCD Home 4k Cell Phone Signal Booster with Mobile Booster Coverage of 4000 sf

HiBoost is pleased to announce the release of their newest product, the Home 4K signal booster.

Online PR News – 24-April-2017 – Dallas, Texas – HiBoost is pleased to announce the release of their newest product, the Home 4K signal booster. HiBoost’s commitment to quality construction and continued efforts in research and design have allowed it to develop a new line of boosters boasting even stronger signal connection for clear calls and even faster downloads. The new Home 4K amplifier has been configured by engineers to be more powerful than ever before.

Cellular technology is so commonplace that it’s practically a basic necessity for everyday life. Signal boosters like the ones made by HiBoost allow users in areas with poor coverage such as apartments in urban areas with lots of buildings or those who live in rural areas access to improved cellular signal so that nuisances such as delayed texts and dropped calls become a thing of the past. This improved access to stronger cell signal can be vital for small businesses, entrepreneurs, telecommuters and others who work from home, as well as those who work in emergency services who are on call and need to be available constantly. This type of signal amplifier is also an excellent option for vacation homes to enable users the security of constant access to cell signals.

The Home 4K by HiBoost is a consumer-level product available for home use. Signal boosters are made to help amplify cellular signal in areas with poor or unreliable signal. They work by taking the signal from nearby towers, sending it to the booster, which then amplifies it and sends it out through the indoor antenna. HiBoost makes signal boosters to fit many niches in people’s lives. The company’s Home 4K is meant for larger homes up to four thousand square feet, and also has the capacity to support up to a hundred users. The booster features a smart startup system, manual gain controls, and an alarm light system to notify the user of any potential issues with the received signal.

Signal amplifiers enable users to get the most out of the cellular plans. HiBoost’s consumer line of products like the Home 4K are made to be easy to install without professional help. The new LCD screen helps make installation and troubleshooting swift and easy. Their signal boosters are made with the consumer in mind; that’s why they are made to work seamlessly with all U.S. and Canadian cellular providers and all manufacturers’ devices. The company also makes a range of other boosters and accessories for commercial, industrial, and vehicular use and offers turnkey solutions for installation with a nationwide network of installers. For more information about HiBoost, check out their website, http://www.hiboostusa.com.

The Home 4k kit can be purchased for $399.99 on HiBoostUSA.com, Amazon, Walmart.com, eBay, Newegg, Sears, and any HiBoost authorized dealer.hi

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