Chinese Producer Yuxiao Wang Nails the Mark with New Feature Film 'Talentik'
20 April 2017

Tapped by Sky Culture Entertainment to produce the film "Talentik," Yuxiao Wang proves her skill at producing coproductions between China and the U.S.

Online PR News – 20-April-2017 – Los Angeles, CA – Chinese producer Yuxiao Wang was tapped by Sky Culture Entertainment to produce the feature film "Talentik," and the incredible response the film has received since its release in China in February prove that she is one producer every production wants on their team, especially in terms of Chinese and American co-productions.

Sky Culture Entertainment is the same company that recently produced the film "Seven Days," which garnered over 10 million views within three days of being released online in China. Based in Los Angeles, Sky Culture Entertainment was founded by Huayi Brothers Media Corp., one of China’s leading film production companies.

Wang's work as the producer of the film "Talentik" from writer and director Jiewen Li is definitely one that is worth paying attention to in terms of the future of Chinese and American co-productions-- as the film was created for the Chinese market, but shot in Los Angeles.

Thanks to Wang's diligent efforts, and the work of her talented cast and crew, the feature film "Talentik" has already become a resounding success in China. "Talentik" was made available through the online platform Sohu for an initial release on February 24. Since being released to members on Sohu, a Chinese internet giant, "Talentik" has already garnered upwards of nine million views! The film quickly became one of the Top 10 Web-Based Features according to Guduo Media, one of China's leading analytics platforms.

Seven Days,

The fast-paced fantasy film stars California Women's Film Festival Award winner Lee Chen ("Veep," "Girl Meets World," “Before I Got Famous”), Nick Culbertson (“Ahimsa,” “Julie and Her Friends”), Edward L. Green (“Savageland,” "First Timers") and Jessica Treska (“Broken Pines,” “Silver Lining”).

“Talentik” revolves around a group of Chinese students who fail their college entrance exams-- a huge disappointment that quickly becomes an opportunity when they receive a letter inviting them to attend an American school for those with supernatural powers. “Talentik” follows the Chinese students as the fly across the sea in search of their new school on a journey that will help them discover their own superpowers and see that there is more to life than what meets the eye.

Karo, one of the main characters in the film who is played by young American actress Jessica Treska (who is also known for her roles in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and “Criminal Minds”), is a young girl with extreme superpowers. She serves as an antagonist throughout the story as she works with her teacher to test the powers of the new Chinese students, often getting into intense battles with them over the course of the film.

"The purpose of the story within this film is to show that everyone has a super power... Even if it seems as though they are not good at something, there really is something they are good at, something they were born to do," explains Wang. "It is all about encouraging people to find themselves and believe in their own power."

The film's uplifting message and interesting storyline are part of what drew Wang to sign as the producer of the film; but that doesn't mean the process was easy. As it is with any production, as the producer of the film Yuxiao Wang worked closely with director Jiewen Li, the film’s cinematographer Harry Hou (“Ri Luo Qi Ci”), and executive producer Yunlong Jiang (“Ri Luo Qi Ci”), in order to ensure that everyone was on the same page throughout every stage of production.

"The executive producer trusted me a lot, he let me do anything I wanted to do as a producer, which brought even more pressure," admits Wang.

Working with a cast of both Chinese and American actors, as well as a culturally diverse crew, Wang went to extensive lengths to make sure the communication lines, artistic ideas and working process of each individual on board aligned seamlessly throughout the production of the film. While Wang’s Chinese background was integral to developing the film for Chinese audiences, her experience working in Hollywood and her understanding of the filmmaking process in the U.S. were equally important in order for “Talentik” to be successfully completed on time and within budget.

"Talentik" executive producer Yunlong Jiang, the founder of Sky Culture Entertainment, says, "I was very lucky to have Yuxiao Wang as a producer on this movie, she definitely helped lead the crew and was integral to the success of the film… I am already talking with her about producing two more film collaborations; and I am looking forward to working as a producer on many other projects in the future as well."

Aside from "Talentik," Wang is known for her work as the producer on a long list of other popular films including "Locked," "She Gives Me Sight," "Harmonica," "Rift," "Dustin and Toilet," "Wasteland Walker" and "Successor of the Southern Star."