Universal Wrecking Corp. Completes Selective Demolition Project in Maryland

Universal Wrecking Corp., a premier demolition, scrap metal recycling and wrecking contractor that operates on a nationwide basis, completed the selective demolition of fire damaged building in Maryland.

Online PR News – 18-April-2009 – – Universal Wrecking Corp., a premier demolition, scrap metal recycling and wrecking contractor that operates on a nationwide basis, completed the selective demolition of fire damaged building in Maryland.

During a severe storm many years ago, the building was struck by lighting and subsequently caught on fire. The building sat vacant for several years while the owners and insurance companies determine what was the best course for reoccupying the building. After a thorough engineering evaluation, it was determined that a majority of the building could be saved and rebuilt utilizing the existing structures and foundations.

Universal Wrecking Corp. (UWC) was contracted to provide selective demolition services due to their extensive experience with fire and storm damaged structures as well as their commitment to an aggressive schedule and a competitive bid price.

Prior to any demolition taking place several environmental contaminants needed to be addressed. Asbestos containing materials needed to be properly abated and disposed at an approved landfill. The asbestos abatement phase of this project was completed in under a week. Asbestos materials removed and abated included asbestos contaminated debris on the floors, roofing materials and pipe insulation. Other environmental concerns were oils and greases contained in equipment and gearboxes. These oils and greases were properly drained and containerized for offsite recycling at an approved facility.

Following environmental remediation, UWC needed to confirm that all the site utilities were deactivated. Water, gas, sewer, electric, phone, cable, etc. were all confirmed to be cut, capped and de-energized.

There were several goals that UWC had to achieve in order to perform the demolition phase of the project to the client’s specifications. First and foremost, the structure had to be gutted in a safe manner. Due to existing structural damage, UWC had to carefully perform interior demolition services with strict attention to employee and equipment safety. Another requirement was to carefully remove the structurally damaged areas while not damaging sound areas. This surgical removal was carefully executed by using UWC’s experience demolition crews as well as specialized demolition equipment. UWC utilized skid steers with demolition buckets, laborers in man lifts with demolition saws and torches. Finally, the structurally sound steel truss roof sections needed to be cleaned of debris and roofing materials while leaving the structural metal beams intact. UWC again used the specialized demolition equipment and trained crews to carefully remove the unwanted debris while not damaging the structural members.

UWC made every attempt to recycle as much as possible throughout the project. Scrap metals generated were sent offsite to be recycled. Concrete and masonry block was sent offsite to a concrete recycler. These recycling efforts left very little debris that needed to be sent to a landfill.

The project was completed in a total of six (6) weeks without incident or injury. The project results exceeded the client’s expectations and was done on schedule and within budget.

Project photos can be seen at http://www.universalwrecking.com/index.php?mod=Projects&op=read&id=18

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