Forever Grand Vacations Joins the Go Green Campaign

Local Branson MO travel club proud to join in the worldwide effort to reduce Carbon footprints

Online PR News – 14-October-2009 – – Scottsdale, AZ
Walt Peters

Forever Grand Vacations, a leading member based travel club in the Midwest, has recently joined the international going green campaign. Eileen Most, the CEO of Forever Grand Vacations stated, “We all need to do our part to help the environment and we have a specific plan. Simply by reducing paper waste and making a few other small changes, we are hoping to make an impact.”

In order to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint, Forever Grand Vacations has implemented the following features to enhance their members’ experience when booking vacations. “By joining the “Go Green” campaign that is growing across our nation, all of us at Forever Grand Vacations feel we are doing our part by implementing environmentally safe payment and communication processes within our business model.” Most goes on to explain, “All collateral information has been transferred and redeveloped into digital formats in efforts to streamline communications with our members in addition to diminishing paper usage within our company.

Forever Grand Vacations will now offer the following items and processes to their members that have been digitally reformatted. According to Most, “We began by replacing mail out materials with emails which has resulted in a significant reduction in paper usage. We have also initiated an online payment process and online booking engine so our members’ requests can be processed both more quickly and more efficiently.”

Since these first steps were so successful, Forever Grand Vacations continued their efforts by offering both both our renewal package and our enrollment package in a digital format. Most explained, “As we continually review these changes and their impressive outcomes, we here at Forever Grand Vacations are commited to continuing to find additional ways to support the “Go Green” campaign. Any suggestions which support the “Go Green” campaign from members or the public are always welcome and will be taken into consideration.”

Forever Grand Vacations is Branson’s leading travel club that holds daily previews to explain their membership programs. Anyone wishing to attend one of there presentations can contact the information below or visit there Welcome Center located on Country Music Boulvard at the Vista Plaza.

Contact info:
Eileen Most
Forever Grand Vacations
2005 West Highway 76 Suite 205
Branson, MO 65616
(417) 339-3953