Seattle Search Engine Optimization firm Seattle Organic SEO welcomes client Derek Wong Photography

Seattle Online Marketing Consultancy Seattle Organic SEO ( is excited to help optimize new client Derek Wong Photography's website ( The premier SEO marketing services firm partners up with one of the best Hawaiian Wedding Photographers to significantly enhance the website's presence on the Internet through the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft's Bing. The SEO company for small businesses also is assisting with the wedding photographer's needs in local search and social media.

Online PR News – 08-December-2010 – – For immediate release (Seattle, WA, December 8, 2010) Seattle Search Engine Optimization firm Seattle Organic SEO warmly welcomes new client Derek Wong photography. The Hawaii Wedding Photography expert Derek Wong has an extensive background in Photojournalism, as well as Portrait and Commercial Photography. Wong has studied and worked with world class fashion, editorial, commercial, and portrait photographers including Karen Moskowitz, Platon, Norman Jean Roy, Max Vadukul, Dewey Nicks, and Andrew Eccles. His past work includes engagements with RealNetworks Inc., Apple Computer Inc., Wallpaper, The Surfer's Journal, Third Floor Design, and President Barack Obama.

Accolades and praise constantly shower on this 9 year+ wedding photographer including being on the list of preferred wedding vendors of the Pacific Weddings Magazine, one of the top photographers listed in the biannual publication Hawaii Bride & Groom, and earning a spot on the "Platinum List" of vendors in the premier wedding magazine Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. In August, Derek Wong Photography landed a spot as one of the best wedding photographers in the world featured on Junebug Weddings. Despite garnering elite status in the wedding photography world, Wong's website still ranks low for common searches like "hawaii wedding photography" or "hawaii wedding photographer." "I've use a lot of financial resources dedicating to my website as a marketing tool, but it still fails to reach the consumers who I feel will truly benefit from my craft. We are currently in the stage of expanding even further, and I look very forward to improving my search engine results and trust 110% the work of Seattle Organic SEO. I wouldn't have picked another vendor in the Search Engine Optimization business. I just wish I would of realized I should of started this earlier instead of focusing on paid advertising" says Wong of his marketing efforts.

Many small businesses from architects to writers struggle constantly with the mystery of why their beautiful, fully functional website fail to draw traffic online. You'll see article after posting in the New York Time's Gadgetwise section or their You're the Boss Small Business blog debating the problems small business websites pose in terms of SEO. In contrast to paid positions on search engines (i.e., adwords on google), organic search engine optimization for websites propel your online presence up to the top of the search results for the billions and billions of searches online. However, you don't have to pay the millions spent by many companies monthly for their paid text placements. In June alone, AT&T Mobility spent $8.08 million in adwords advertising, Expedia spent just short of $6 million along with BP Oil spending over $3.5 million after the oil spill in the gulf.

On the flip side, if your site is optimized and performing well organically, you're saving these millions or in the case of many small businesses, many thousands of dollars in online marketing. For example, if a business wanted to market for the phrase "direct auto insurance," this month (Dec 2010), Google estimates there are 22,200 searches monthly for this phrase. The search engine behemoth estimates it would cost a company paying for placement in it's adwords product on the right or top on average of $55.38 per click. So, if you ended up buyiing the entire inventory for this one keyword, you would spend over $1.2 million dollars on this search alone. Even if you were just targeting the local traffic of 14,800 searches a day, you would be spending over $800,000 dollars for small little text advertisements. You're not even guaranteed a sale.

As a result, after Derek Wong Photography scales the pages of Google searches through Seattle Organic SEO's work on his site, he may receive thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in free branding, a huge bump up in clicks to his website, and most likely many more wedding photography projects moving forward as a result of people visiting his website. Principal SEO Consultant Brandon Na of Seattle Organic SEO says, "This is an exciting oppportunity for our firm to do the good we always hope for. Our goal from the very start of opening up our doors was to help quality businesses like Derek Wong Photography get the online exposure it deserves. I personally know Mr. Wong is a fantastic Wedding Photographer. It's also obvious from all the reviews and acclaim he's received. But now, we're in the process of making the world know he's one of the best. It's our sincere pleasure to be working with such a professional."

About Seattle Organic SEO (S.O.S.) LLC: As the premier Seattle SEO Marketing company in the Seattle area, S.O.S. primarily serves small businesses with their online marketing needs along with giving them many intelligent search engine optimization tips. The SEO firm specializes in SEO marketing helping boost website rankings for many keywords searched on the most used search engines. S.O.S. also helps firms with their local search and social media needs as well. The consultancy serves the Seattle, Portland, Vancouver BC and Hawaiian markets. On a case by case basis, it also evaluates the needs of small business SEO needs outside the Pacific Northwest.

About Derek Wong Photography: Derek Wong Photography focuses primarily on wedding photography in the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific Coast of the United States. Although he now uses the latest in digital camera equipment, he has also worked extensively with film and applies film techniques to each of his new images. One of the biggest distinguishing factors about Derek Wong Photography is his attention to detail, his commitment to quality, and his talent for capturing moving images - images that are at once spontaneous and elegant, authentic and timeless, poignant and classically beautiful. His work has been recommended by photojournalists from major newspapers as well as filmmakers and graphic designers. They appreciate his eye for seeing emotion and capturing the immediacy of the moment.

About Wedding Magazines & Resources Publications: Pacific Weddings Magazine, a destination wedding planning resource for Hawaii, Fiji and California. Hawaii Bride & Groom is a semi-annual publication providing brides-to-be with detailed planning information for their special day. Hawaii Bride & Groom is Hawaii’s only complete wedding planner with over 180 pages filled with everything a bride needs to know to plan a wedding in Hawaii. Grace Ormonde Wedding Style is one of the premier national wedding planning resource magazines available for brides and grooms. Junebug Weddings features only the Top Wedding Photographers in the World.

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