Business Plan Master Announces The Best Start Up Businesses For 2010

BusinessPlanMaster captures queries from its readers and researches hundreds of businesses to come up with the best start up businesses now.

Online PR News – 13-October-2009 – –, a website focusing on business plans for small business, announces the best start up businesses for 2009. “We so often hear about the disastrous economic profile that we tend to ignore the fact that there are some really great business niches,” explains MaryAnn Shank, President of Business Plan Master.

The list is geared to small business, many of which can be very successfully operated by one or two people. Many of these businesses can also grow considerably without losing their initial focus.

To make the best start up business list, each business had to:

- Be accessible to most people. For example, becoming a doctor may be a great businesses, but it is not accessible to most people and so would not be on this list.

- Have the potential of real income. Business Plan Master emphasizes that “small” business does not mean small income. On the contrary, these businesses must be capable of supporting families, just like any other business. Many of them have very outstanding potential.

- Have staying power. This year’s pet rock did not make the cut.

- Generated by consumer interest. The company captures inquiries from visitors to determine where interest lies, then researches these ideas to identify the best businesses to start up.

“We worked on this list as a work of love, “ says Shank. “So many people are out of work and need viable alternatives. That is what we went in search of.” BusinessPlanMaster is so committed to these businesses that it has created a start up workbook for each one.

The list of best start up businesses, and workbooks to accompany them, are available online at .