The Hardwood Flooring Store Announces Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2017

The start of a new year is the time to think about renovating a home, and many homeowners use the latest trends to help them decide on a new look.

Online PR News – 03-April-2017 – Toronto, ON – The start of a new year is the time to think about renovating a home, and many homeowners use the latest trends to help them decide on a new look. The Hardwood Flooring Store of Toronto announces some of the most popular trends in 2017 for hardwood floors.

Bamboo has been popular for many years, but it is going in a new direction. Bamboo with bolder colors and different styles is being seen in homes. Another trend is strand-woven bamboo, which is a stronger product than traditional bamboo. Buyers will also see wide-plank bamboo, which looks more like hard woods. Reclaimed wood is also making a strong statement by combining the old and the new. It's also less expensive than salvaged lumber. Another benefit is that it can hold up even with moisture changes better than other wood floors.

One of the newest trends is with American hardwood. The past few years have been all about bamboo and other exotic woods, but now people are looking locally. This includes oak, maple, pine and hickory. Buyers can feel good about their hardwood flooring decisions because American forests work hard to replenish forests even as they cut trees down.

Darker shades continue to be popular, and they are going even darker. The benefit is they don't show scratches or dirt and they add an elegant touch to a room. The other extreme is also a good choice for 2017 because light woods make a room feel larger and add warmth. However, the new style is moving away from browns and yellows to cooler tones like gray. Along with the new shades are new textures. Floors using hand scraping or wire brushing are gaining attention, but it's important to stay away from floors with too much texture. "The more texture a floor has, the more work involved in care," says Ron Ander of The Hardwood Flooring Store.

Another trend is no more glossy floors. Instead of floors that look wet and shiny, matte finish is in. The low gloss look hides dirt and scratches while ensuring the floor continues to look good. Perhaps the most interesting and creative trend of the year is the use of patterns in hardwood flooring. Geometric shapes or other styles create interest, making the floor an accent piece in the home. Many of these patterns are done in color rather than just sticking with wood tones. A darker or lighter shade allows buyers to play it safe while those who want to go bold may choose vivid colors like red, blue or yellow.

The key for all of these trends is determining what will hold value for the years to come. Adding or updating a hardwood floor is an investment that should last for decades, so following trends must be tempered with the buyer's preference and the local styles. For anyone who isn't sure what style to pick for their home, they can speak with a hardwood flooring specialist.

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