New York Pediatric Dentsitry Group Offers Tips on Diet & Snacking for Better Pediatric Dental Health

Leading pediatric dentistry expert, Dr. Barry L. Jacobson, explains the healthiest diet and snacking techniques for prolonged oral health among children.

Online PR News – 06-April-2017 – New York, NY – According to Dr. Barry L. Jacobson, DMD, FAAPD, a childrens dentist with offices in New York City and world-renowned as one of the best pediatric dentist (, a healthy diet for children is a balanced diet that naturally supplies all of the nutrients that your child needs to grow. He says that a balanced diet includes fruit, vegetables, grains, meat & beans, and milk.

“Children must have a balanced diet for their teeth to develop properly,” Dr. Jacobson says. “They also need a balanced diet for healthy gum tissue around the teeth.”

On the flip side, he says, an unhealthy diet, high in certain kinds of carbohydrates such as sugar and starch, may put the child at risk for tooth decay.

“If a parent wants to make sure that their child eats a healthy and balanced diet, it is important to track foods with sugar or starch and be sure to steer the kids away from those foods,” he explains.

According to Dr. Jacobson, foods with starch include breads, crackers, pasta, pretzels and potato chips. As for sugars, Dr. Jacobson says that it is important to move beyond the candy dish.

“Fruits, a few vegetables, and most milk products have at least one type of sugar in them,” says Dr. Jacobson.

Dr. Jacobson says that children should not give up sugars and starches entirely, because many of these foods provide much needed nourishment. Parents and guardians simply need to select and serve them wisely, he says.

“For example, a food that contains sugar or starch is safer when eaten as a meal, rather than as a snack,” Dr. Jacobson explains. “Sticky foods, such as dried fruit or toffee, as another example, are not easily washed away from the teeth by saliva, water, or milk. This means that they have more potential to cause cavities than foods that are easily washed away from the teeth.”

Dr. Jacobson suggests talking to the children’s pediatric dentist about the right foods to feed your child for a balanced and healthy diet.

“Even if your child is not on solid foods, there is a greater risk of tooth decay if they are not feed wisely,” Dr. Jacobson explains. “For example, it is important that you never nurse a young child or put the child to bed with a bottle of milk, formula, juice, or sweetened liquid. While the child sleeps, any liquid in the mouth will feed the bacteria that produce acids and attack the teeth.”

Dr. Jacobson says that you can protect your child from severe tooth decay by putting him to bed with a pacifier or a bottle of water and nothing more.

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