Stop My Crisis with Host Vivian Gaspar Airs this Thurs March 3/30 @ 10 pm & Fri 3/31 2017 @ 9:30 am

"Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar" is a TV Talk Show which proactively brings real life solutions to a variety of crises.

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Residents will find Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar as relevant and current as it gets. The audience will find Vivian personable relatable and engaging.

Vivian Gaspar explains, "The Stop My Crisis TV Show should resonate with the typical, every day individual, you, myself, our neighbors and friends. I want everyone who watches the show to be able to pull something valuable away from each and every episode."

So, who is Vivian Gaspar? In real life, Vivian is an author, entrepreneur, public speaker, a mother, & community advocate. She is author of the Stop My Crisis book series, available on Amazon and her website Vivian is a home-owner advocate who has helped save over three hundred families from foreclosure through working with homeowners in order to execute successful mortgage modification techniques. During this process, she helps educate the homeowner, providing them with unbiased, invaluable advice that is tailored to their individual circumstances. Vivian has also reached over ten thousand people in numerous public speaking engagements at prestigious venues, such as Harvard Business School.

According to the show's producer, Ron Rossnick, "Residents will find Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar as relevant and current as it gets. The audience will find Vivian personable, relatable, and engaging."

Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar will air Thursdays, 10:00 PM and Fridays, 9:30 AM.