Colleen Malek Announces Begorre Cosmetics Newest Boutique Location

Colleen Malek Unveils Latest Begorre Boutique in San Diego, CA

Online PR News – 07-December-2010 – – Chicago, IL - Colleen Malek, president of Begorre Cosmetics, an environmentally friendly cosmetic designer focused on providing safe and affordable cosmetics, has today announced the company's latest boutique opening. The boutique is located in San Diego, CA, and will house Begorre's full line of cosmetics and accessories. Begorre has been establishing boutique stores throughout the nation since 2008, in an attempt to make their environmentally friendly products more main stream. "It is not enough to have these items stuck on a shelf in some big department store", said president Colleen Malek.

Colleen Malek and Begorre Cosmetics are poised to revolutionize the world of cosmetics. They have implemented some of the most advanced environmentally conscious practices available, and stand alone with regards to quality cosmetics. "You don't need animal testing or unhealthy additives to make quality cosmetics", added Colleen Malek.

About Colleen Malek and Begorre Cosmetics:

Colleen Malek founded Begorre Rose Cosmetic in 2003. The firm now consists of over 10 boutiques and 3 warehouses nationwide. Begorre Cosmetics focuses on environmentally conscious practices in the development of all of their cosmetic products. For more information on Colleen Malek please visit