Top Newport Cosmetic Dentists at Aesthetic Dental Designs Offer New Product to Strengthen Teeth

Specialists in Cosmetic Dentistry and Top Orange County Porcelain Veneers Providers Recommend ‘MI Paste’ and ‘MI Paste Plus’ to Restore Vitamins in Teeth.

Online PR News – 06-December-2010 – – LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIF. - Aesthetic Dental Designs, leaders in Newport Beach cosmetic dentist services, are hailing a product they say can boost a tooth's natural defenses. "MI Paste" and "MI Paste Plus" offer a unique and promising way to rejuvenate teeth.

"It is important to make sure teeth are well protected from the elements. Certain products, such as 'MI Paste,' can effectively restore the mouth's defense systems by naturally strengthening teeth," said Dr. Todd Snyder, of Aesthetic Dental Designs. "At Aesthetic Dental Designs, we are determined to give our patients the best smiles possible. The first step is to make sure teeth are naturally equipped to defend against minor damages."

MI Paste Plus

Research shows that teeth retain much of their strength because of saliva that provides essential minerals to protect tooth enamel. For various reasons, mineral imbalances occur, leaving teeth open to decay. The Laguna Niguel dentists at Aesthetic Dental Designs apply “MI Paste” products to counter such imbalances.

"MI Paste," containing protein derived from milk, naturally re-mineralizes teeth. The pastes also provide replenishing calcium and phosphate while releasing vital minerals. The process results in stronger, healthier teeth that are less sensitive. The pastes also help a mouth stay moist by helping to produce saliva. In addition to these attributes, the paste also helps neutralize acid attacks on teeth by helping maintain a more neutral ph, which discourages cavity formation and diminishes bacteria levels that cause cavities.

"MI Paste" and "MI Paste Plus" products are only available through dental offices.

"Our team aims to provide top quality services for our patients. We offer such services as in-office bleaching, implants and veneers, bonding and TMJ treatments to improve our patients' smiles," Snyder said. "By adding 'MI Paste' and 'MI Paste Plus' to our catalogue of premium dental services, Aesthetic Dental Designs can continue to lead the field in cosmetic dentistry."

Dr. Todd Snyder is an Orange County Dentist, author and international lecturer. His dental office emphasizes general dental care as well as cosmetic procedures and TMJ therapy. Dr. Snyder is available to provide more information at 949-643-6733, or visit Aesthetic Dental Designs online at

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