Once in a Cradle: Crafting Life's Emotions in Words and Pictures

Once in a Cradle: Crafting Life's Emotions in Words and Pictures

Online PR News – 23-March-2017 – Las Vegas, NV – Once in a Cradle provides an Anthology of well-crafted powerful and persuasive free-verse poetry written by Jackie Nourigat. It is presented through, or accompanied by astonishing paintings, all images covering a variety of themes such as mythical, allegorical, folkloric, poetical, archetypal, symbolic and dream-like, all "imageries compatible with our inner complexities and their transformative power".

As a free-lance and self-taught painter, Jackie uses different media like watercolors, gouache, pastels and acrylics to express and manifest her different perspectives of life's tapestry. Her work explores the inner and subjective world of emotions, self-perception and a life-long pursuit of artistic expression.

The Mighty Fall

Many of the poems are about different stitches of LOVE ("The Mighty Fall", "I Am", "Something About Creation", "The Council of the Animals") used under diverse forms, and paired with stunning illustrations. In "MA", (see the Book's Title) it is about being willing to Give a Voice to an unwanted/ unloved child, as it is learning to see past someone's appearance and recognize one's worth as a person, while the "Rainbow Man" explores, as well, glimmers of Jesus, showing what resonates as purity, compassion and power all together, and, how His images can transform our entire being and change the world around us. Thus, by using the imagery of painting, Nourigat creates a strong metaphor for the act of making art itself. Nourigat’s poems will delight readers familiar and/or interested in both the art of painting and creative writing that function on multiple levels of visual aesthetics simultaneously evoked by her free-verse poetry. To know more about Nourigat's work, please visit her website: www.jackienourigat.com.

About the Author:
Jackie Nourigat is a free-lance artist and a self-taught painter. She uses watercolors, mix media, gouache, pastels, and acrylics. "Being an artist brings a person wholeness and fulfillment", she believes. "As the artistic disciplines constantly flux and merge inside the human psyche, they offer a wonderful path for self-exploration and self-discovery. Painting to me is an adventure of the spirit. It is a bridge between the 'I' the 'eye' and the limitless scope of human potential, through the alchemy of forms and colors. And, as it brings contentment to the Heart, it can only be an expression of Love."

Prior to coming to America, Nourigat, a French born citizen, traveled and worked for several Organizations : As a Journalist at French Radio and Television-PARIS, at UNESCO-PARIS, and as an Art Critic for different Foreign Newspapers.

Living in Las Vegas, Nourigat belongs to different Art Organizations and Art Galleries. One of her paintings: The "Statue of Liberty" was chosen by the City of Las Vegas and made as a Banner standing for one year in the 'Aerial Gallery' in front of the Court House, in the Las Vegas Blvd. Jackie has been the recipient of different awards, as well as a Jackpot Grant from the Nevada Arts Council for her Artworks and Poetry. "I love People who love people," says Jackie. "It is my motto."

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