New Piano Book Teaches You to Play New Age Music

Now anyone can sit down at the piano and play!

Online PR News – 06-December-2010 – – Edward Weiss has announced the release of his new book, “Free to be Creative at the Piano: A Revolutionary Approach to Music Making.”

Weiss is a well-known pianist and composer, and the webmaster of Quiescence Music. His new 342-page book is available in paperback at and retails for $12.97. The book is a comprehensive guide that anyone can use to learn to play New Age music. The system is the only one of its kind currently available and represents a radical departure from traditional methods of teaching piano.

With “Free to be Creative at the Piano,” Weiss introduces a means of learning piano that can have virtually anyone playing New Age music immediately. Users aren’t tied to a piano for hours learning scales and practicing finger exercises, and they don’t have to work their busy lives around a set schedule of lessons. They’re free to practice, play and compose any time it’s convenient. The system is even recommended by Grammy nominated pianist, David Lanz.

The system Weiss has developed teaches students how to play open position chords. Knowing those chords enables students to understand the relationship between chords and harmony to create and play their own compositions. The course is written in easy to understand language and walks students step-by-step through the process of learning to play the piano with instruction that’s easy to apply.

The system encourages students to be creative, while ridding themselves of doubts about their talent or ability to play. Weiss emphasizes the fun factor in music. New Age music is well known for its properties of healing, relaxation and relieving stress and the book encourages students to play what they feel.

Weiss has been playing New Age music for over 15 years. He gives private lessons, works with groups and now offers his expertise online and through his book, “Free to be Creative at the Piano.” The book brings together his many years of experience and combines it with a piano playing method that’s cost effective and easy for anyone to learn.

The book can be found at