New Company Helps Metal Guitarists shop for Christmas

Internet metalheads now have a place to go shop for that guitar that they want for Christmas. Tonys helps shoppers easily buy the guitar that is right for them.

Online PR News – 06-December-2010 – – Tonys Unbiased Guitar Reviews, a new online company has been formed to help metal rockers find the guitars that help them play their best. Tony Alpine, a guitar player himself for 20 years started this new Internet resource this year in 2010 with the intent of putting together information, reviews, videos and pictures about the best quality metal guitars.

Tony has the goal of helping Christmas shoppers this year by doing comprehensive product research across the web to find the best possible prices, shipping and customer service options for guitar buyers. Tonys Unbiased Guitar Reviews promises to always provide shoppers with buying options that will make them feel comfortable and ultimately would be somewhere Tony feels comfortable buying from himself.

When buying a guitar, Christmas shoppers are often confused by the abundance of websites, reviews and music information portals. Therefore they sometimes struggle to find helpful information amidst all the hooplah. Tony says that a particular area he has noticed hurts shoppers is that they do not always get the entire picture of what a guitar really is like.

Among other things shoppers need to know what the guitar sounds like, what type of styles it is best for, its strengths and its weaknesses. Tony says that many websites frequently avoid notice any potential weaknesses of their products for fear that this will discourage buyers. This is not true and in fact sometimes mentioned a weakness will actually make the buyer realize that they are purchasing something that is not always perfect. This leads to a better buyer experience overall.

As an example Tony recently wrote a review of the Schecter Synyster Custom guitar and purposely included some challenges that guitar players can sometimes encounter when they start playing a guitar like the Synyster for the first time. Tony has noticed a loyal following for the Schecter brand of guitars and the Synyster Custom in particular is one of the leading buys for 2010.

Tony says that he has seen websites that get cluttered with tons of guitars all lumped together and compared against each other with no real purpose for the information being offered. Instead, Tony hopes that his reviews which are all about simplicity and doing the legwork for buyers before they reach the review website can help people save time and allow them to do more Christmas shopping. After all, who has time to endlessly look around the web in the hopes of finding the right metal guitar in time for the holidays.

Another key thing that Tony has learned from the recent history on Tonys Unbiased Guitar Reviews is that shoppers seem to be doing image searches before they buy. Once they have seen the available colors and have a general idea of what the various guitars look like, they shift into shopping mode and that is when the reviews become increasingly important. Reviews help shoppers zero in on exactly what is important for their needs and give shoppers an idea of somebody elses buying experience.