Thomas Paine signed manuscript sold for $24,000
20 March 2017
Boston, MA; March 12 2017 - According to Boston based RR Auction, a Thomas Paine eight page autographed manuscript was sold for $ 24,000. Despite being estimated at around $20,000 the manuscript which mentions “common Sense” and defends “Age of reason” was sold for more than the auction house had anticipated. The manuscript distributed on four sheets (three of which measure 7.75X12.5 and one measuring 7.75X8.75 inches) is dated on the 1st of January 1803 and is in fine condition. The manuscript is exclusively written in Thomas Paine’s handwriting and it seems to have been a compilation of three independent manuscripts: an unfinished draft of a satirical article, a one page transcription of Samuel Adam’s letter in which he was criticizing “Age of Reason” and the third part which is a five page long response to that letter. In part, the response to Samuel Adams reads: “…instead of buffeting the Deity with prayers as if I distrusted him or must dictate to him, I reposed myself on his protection; and you, my friend, will find, even in your last moments, more consolation in the silence of resignation than in the murmuring wish of prayer.” Apart from this remarkable manuscript, the Fine Autograph and Artifact Auction included other breathtaking highlights, such as: • Leaf from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s manuscript for ‘Serenade in D Major’ • 1947 Marilyn Monroe magazine cover, signed as “Norma Jeane” • 1992 NeXTWORLD Expo poster signed by Steve Jobs The Fine Autograph and Artifact auction is part of a monthly RR Auction event. It started on February 22nd and concluded on March 8.