New Website Offering Free Book to All Visitors

A new website is telling people that they can make more money simply by changing the way they think. To back up its claims, is offering a free copy of The Science of Getting Rich to anyone who visits the site.

Online PR News – 06-December-2010 – – (December, 2010) Free money-making tips can be found all over the internet. However, a new website believes that people can make money in a totally different way. believes that people can achieve financial security simply by changing the way they think. The website is telling visitors to rely on positive thinking, rather than get-rich-quick schemes. That’s why the website is offering a free copy of The Science of Getting Rich to anyone who visits the site. was founded on the principles of Wallace Wattles, the author who wrote The Science of Getting Rich back in 1910. Wattles believed that life is what people make of it, and that positive thinking really does make a difference. According to Wattles, if people learn to expect success, they will see success. However, if they always expect failure, their lives will be consumed with failure.

Because the creators of midasmindsetaudios believe so strongly in the power of Wattles’ message, they are offering a free PDF copy of the book to everyone who visits the site.

The site is also selling a downloadable audio version of the book for people who want to learn more about Wattles’ philosophies on the go. Plus, the site is also selling other downloadable audios that focus on thinking and growing rich, mind power, and maximizing life.

The founder of, Susan Sawyer, believes that all of the get-rich-quick schemes that dominate the internet today simply do not work. Instead of promising people that they can become millionaires by doing very little work, Sawyer believes that people can change their attitudes and make money doing things that they are passionate about.

In The Science of Getting Rich, readers will learn how to overcome their fears of failure. Plus, they will learn how to become proactive leaders in their own life – instead of just reacting to various situations.

Wattles’ writing has played a role in society ever since his book was published. In fact, The Science of Getting Rich was the inspiration for the 2006 film The Secret. The movie’s writer, Rhonda Byrne, says that she got a copy of Wattles’ book as a gift from her mother while she was battling a breakdown.

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