Face Recognition Solution Starting New Technological Era with Access Control System

Face Recognition Solution is now going to hit the technological era with its new product access control system. Now protection of resources will be easy to handle and manage.

Online PR News – 12-October-2009 – – Another technological advancement is in the field of security, which is helping to solve the basic requirements of general people. A dedicated system primarily developed to secure the access of resources electronically. Face Recognition Solution is now going to provide an eclectic solution to the clients in this field with its new possession, access control system.

Face Recognition Solution is a well known biometric solution provider Company. It is known for its technological products and software based on face recognition system. A firm that's competence is makeable in the field of security, and web marketing.

Access control system is based on face recognition technology, which depicts the fact that, it is devised on the basis of 'no human touch' technology. With the conventional method of authorizing individuals was becoming tough to manage, to maintain and to provide the security; which resulted in the development of the face recognition technology, access control system. Face Recognition Solution is now providing the benefits of this electronic device to the interested clients.

The advantages of access control system are as follows:
• It is the safest method of security.
• It needs a single time installation cost.
• It is more reliable than the conventional method.
• It helps in becoming free from buddy punching method.
• It is a very cost effective method.

For the enrollment process, the person needs to in front of the camera. The camera stores the captured facial details in the database. Next time when the visitor re-visits the place, just need to stand in front of the camera and the camera will grant the permission to access the resource if a match is found based on the captured details else it will deny. Based on this principle the access control system works.

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