OrlandoVacation.com Announces New and Improved Disney Condos

Disney World is a location where people of all ages, races and financial status mingle and enjoy what the theme park has to offer. Although hotel rooms are still the most available type of accommodation in Orlando, Disney condos are becoming more popular. This is part of the reason why OrlandoVacation.com has announced details of their new and improved condos and rental homes featuring additional security, space and facilities.

Online PR News – 08-December-2010 – – Disney World vacations have a reputation for costing an absolute fortune. Depending on where the tourist is coming from, the cost of flights alone could make a severe dent in their vacation budget. Yet it is accommodation which is the biggest financial burden for most families who find that hotels are just too far out of their price range. OrlandoVacation.com is a website that is dedicated to offering the most affordable yet high quality accommodation available in Orlando. They have just announced an increase in the size of their rental homes as well as details of the new Disney condos on offer.

One problem with hotel rooms is their lack of space and privacy. Besides sleeping and perhaps eating, there is not really much left to do so leaving the room is the only option. Taking a dip in the hotel pool is relaxing but would be more so if there were not hundreds of other guests with the same idea. OrlandoVacation.com has just announced an increase in the size of their rental homes. While hotel rooms are usually approximately 400 square feet, the rental homes offered by the company measure 1,750 square feet which offers more space for all the family.

In order to fully enjoy Disney World vacations, families need to know that their loved ones will be safe. Being constantly on the lookout is not conducive to a stress-free time. OrlandoVacation.com understands the concerns of parents and this is why they have further increased the security on all of their condos. The Windsor Palms is directly beside Disney World and has 24-hour security as well as large imposing gates which will deter any wrongdoers from transgressing. The area these condos are in resembles a small community with swimming pools and tennis courts available to keep everyone occupied when they are not in Disney World.

There are also visitors to Disney World who are looking for an extra bit of class. The recent announcement by OrlandoVacation.com that the Fountains Resort Orlando has been upgraded could be the news these visitors have been waiting to hear. Aside from the luxurious furnishings, there are indoor and outdoor pools available as well as a private lake for boating. These Disney condos also have a first class fitness center and clubhouse.

OrlandoVacation.com is attracting attention from visitors to Disney World due to the range of accommodations on offer. Families looking to enjoy Orlando on a budget are catered for as are those unsatisfied with anything less than first class service and facilities. The popularity of rental homes and condos are increasing dramatically as more tourists prefer privacy to hotel rooms.

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