ECL Newly Launched LED Puck Lights are Great Alternative of Halogen and Fluorescent Lamp

To provide people relief from standard halogen and fluorescent lamp, which was energy inefficient, ECL has come out with LED Puck Lights that has a much lower energy consumption compared to conventional lamps.

Online PR News – 06-December-2010 – – The breakthrough in the technology of electric field has enabled to launch energy efficient LED Puck Lights that has much lower energy consumption compared to conventional lamps. LED Puck Lights are great replacement of halogen light fixture applications, especially where there is a danger from the excessive heat produced by the halogen lights. This LED puck light is especially designed for the use in the ceilings, over the counter of motor coaches, and boats.

Energy Concerns Luminaire manufactures LED puck lights, which are known for producing high quality light without consuming much of power. In addition these LED puck lights are manufactured exactly as per the electrical industry safety standards and are proving to be a great alternative of halogen and fluorescent lamp. There is excessive demand of LED puck lights in several commercial applications like supermarket shelves, retail case displays, residential homes, buses, trans, boats, hospitals, schools, factories, and offices.

Durable, high quality and safe- LED puck lights are rightly called the next generation of lighting as it has the potential to cater the lighting requirements of various domestic and commercial places. "Traditional halogen and fluorescent lamp body became so hot at work, and uses so much energy that they were not worth to keep hence, we need to design an energy-efficient, environment friendly LED puck lights for fluorescent and halogen counterparts." said Lin Zhen, Senior Engineer of ECL.

Energy Concerns Luminaire sheer passion is reflected in their extensive range of lighting products and they have successfully cater the energy efficient lighting products requirements of customers throughout the whole world. In the era when light companies have stuck to their conservative designs and technology, ECL has concentrated on innovative, stylish, and latest technology based LED puck lights and other electrical fixtures.

About ECL Ltd.: ECL is a Shenzhen, China based leading manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures and products. All the products are designed and manufactured focusing on energy efficient solid state lighting fixture that are highly durable and long lasting. Vital products of ECL include LED puck light, tube lights, strip lighting, under-the-cabinet lighting, display case lighting and many more that are worldwide delivered.