CCM announces glyphosate industry risk assessment model

CCM announces glyphosate industry risk assessment model, a unique model to assess the risk level of Chinese glyphosate industry.

Online PR News – 06-December-2010 – – On November 4, 2010, CCM International, one of China’s leading consulting companies focusing on global chemical industry, announced the launch of its dynamic database ValotracerTM which contains billions of integrated info in the form of dynamic value chain, and a unique model to assess the risk level of Chinese glyphosate industry.

“This model, prepared for more than half a year, is based on CCM International’s seven-year accumulative intelligence and abundant data in global glyphosate industry. It’s a unique model to assess the risk in the whole glyphosate industry rather than only one aspect or partial aspects in the industry by others’ assessments.” Ms. Liang, production manager in CCM who is in charge of the development of this model says.

According to the model’s development group, the risk assessment model for glyphosate industry has screened 14 representative indices reflecting the outstanding features related to Chinese glyphosate industry. The 14 indices have been assorted into 6 groups to reflect different aspects of China glyphosate industry.

Experts point out that it’s a unique model from the whole glyphsate industry, different aspects of the industry and the specific indices to assess the risk, and there are rarely market research organizations doing similar researches except that some security research institutes take quantitative analysis with respect to certain or a few indices.

Hongshan Cheng, a market researcher from CCM International, shows that glyphosate, as one of the largest sales volume of pesticide globally, has been a common bulk commodity not only as a chemical product or pesticide, but also as the target of some speculators with properties of investment and speculation. During the end of 2007 and the first half of 2008, as for the reasons for glyphosate’s soaring price, it not only lies in glyphosate supply falling short of demand, but also the influence of speculation in the industry. Due to their unawareness of the real situation of Chinese glyphosate industry and the potential risks in the glyphosate price hike seasons; many glyphosate enterprises blindly carried out the projects on glyphosate or its related synthetic raw materials regardless if it was within their capacity, which resulted in many incomplete projects caught in the sluggish glyphosate market.

In recent years, glyphosate industry has seen a whirlwind of ups and downs, and it is still in the conditions of stagnant price and inversion of cost. Many related investment enterprises are difficult to know the relationship between the real glyphosate market situation and its potential risks. “It has much to do with the lack of the policy guidance and the risk assessment of the industry” Hongshan Cheng reveals.

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