LOHAS Consumers Shop Their Values Driven by Health & Environmental Concerns 2017 Market LOHAS Survey

Health & the environment are changing the way many consumers shop for groceries, according to the 2017 Market LOHAS Health & Natural Consumer Study.

Online PR News – 10-March-2017 – Boston, MA – Health and the environment are changing the way many consumers shop for groceries, according to the 2017 Market LOHAS (Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability)Health & Natural Consumer Survey Study released at Natural Product Expo. These concerned shoppers are looking for clean product labels, buying fresh and purchasing organic, non-GMO and plant-based products to support the health of their families and the planet.

The annual Market LOHAS Survey, in its 11th year, was fielded among opinion leader natural and organic consumers to provide insights into healthy LOHAS product and industry market trends. The Study goal is to provide market research insights to assist brands and retailers in better understanding their LOHAS Consumer.

The study found that about 8 in 10 health-conscious consumers look for labels with fewer ingredients all of which they can pronounce. Almost 3 in 4 respondents reported shopping more along the perimeter of their store for fresh produce, meat and dairy products.

Key Study Finding: health and green factors influence organic, Non-GMO and plant-based product purchase behavior.

LOHAS consumers cited health and the environment as the top two motivations for purchasing organic foods: Healthier for me and my family and want to reduce my family's exposure to chemicals/pesticides.

I look for brands that embrace Non-GMO as part of their company mission and culture and I often buy Non-GMO due to environmental concerns.

Health-conscious shoppers agreed that health and sustainability factored into their non-GMO buying: "I think non-GMO products are healthier and safer for my family," and "I look for brands that embrace Non-GMO as part of their company mission and culture and I often buy Non-GMO due to environmental concerns."

Health and eco consumers said their purchase of plant-based products is motivated in part by health and nutrition and better for the environment.

"This study showed, conscious consumers are voting with their wallets by choosing brands that are aligned with their personal health and environmental priorities," said Karen Herther and Bethany Stanley Principals of Market LOHAS who directed the market research.

Among other study findings (full report available for purchase at MarketLOHAS.com) are that health-conscious consumers are changing where and how they shop for natural and organic products. LOHAS shoppers are buying healthy products at a wider variety of stores and outlets from supermarkets to farmer's markets, local health food stores, Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe's, Target, Price Clubs and online retailers. Selection of healthy, organic products or produce and store quality/food practices are key to deciding where to shop.

A majority reported that prices/in-store specials influence their store choice.

The complete 2017 Market LOHAS Health & Natural Consumer Study Report, available for purchase, features an expanded analysis of Organic, Non-GMO and Gluten Free shopper marketing insights and Plant-based Vegan & Meatless Vegetarian buying trends. The study includes additional insights into Healthy Food Supply & Climate concerns, Health & Wellness Influencers, Healthy Dietary Patterns, Healthy Natural Retail Shopper Coupons & Promotions and Natural Home & Garden Trends. The survey also examines the impact of sustainability on home products from green energy to eco apparel as well as LOHAS consumer use of socially and environmentally-conscious financial investments. Additionally, each of these topics can be delved into deeper, added onto, or stand-alone custom LOHAS consumer profiles or surveys.

The 2017 Market LOHAS Natural and Organic Shopper Survey was fielded online among 1000 Mambotrack health-conscious consumer panelists in December 2016 by Market LOHAS , leaders in health/eco shopper marketing research, brand visibility and content marketing solutions.

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SOURCE: Market LOHAS MamboTrack Research http://www.MarketLOHAS.com

Market LOHAS Study Contacts: Karen Herther 978-635-5411 or Bethany Stanley 913-991-2972 Market LOHAS Consulting

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