Cat Fans Rejoice as the Largest Cat Breeders Directory is Launched on the Web

Recently launched is the largest cat breeder directory serving cat lovers across the world, bringing together breeders and cat fans regardless of their geographical location. The site is interactive, and features consumer feedback and reviews.

Online PR News – 03-December-2010 – – Breeders have traditionally been faced with the difficulty of getting the word out regarding the breed in which they specialize. Consumers have likewise been hampered by less than perfect information in their quest to locate a reputable breeder that specializes in the type of cat that they are looking for. It is against this backdrop that a new cat breeders directory is being launched. promises to be the largest cat breeder directory of the web that will feature catteries organized by breed and location. Developed as a one-stop-shop for cat seekers, the new site aims to lure cat seekers with the breadth of their listing, and they can count on consistently seeing cat breeders get listed as the site reaches out to breeders who need assistance marketing their services. is a premier directory developed exclusively for cat lovers and fans the world over. The content on the site will be cat centric, so visitors need not wade through pages upon pages of pet-related information only to find out that only a marginal amount of information on cats actually exist. The cat breeders directory will feature cat breeders from around the world and promote cat acquisition options for just about every cat breed imaginable.

Cat information is still fragmented across the internet. Searching for information about specific breeds and reliable breeders still take an inordinate amount of time, so the idea of a consolidated meeting place for both consumers and breeders is not only efficient but also highly in demand. According to Google, on a global scale, consumers are broadly using the search term "cat breeder" over 90,000 times a month, and the plural variant "cat breeders" is searched approximately 74,000 times monthly by the same audience. Given that search behavior and search terms are good indicators of consumer intent, the high monthly figures reported by Google proves that the market for cat breeders is robust. The challenge for cat breeders, as always, is getting the word out that they are reputable and that they specialize in a particular cat breed.

Enter Cat Breeders Directory. The recently launched is poised to capture the market with its broad coverage of cat breeds, from the Abyssinian with its distinctive ticked coat, to the rare and hairless Ukrainian Levkoy. The staff at will work with both breeders and consumers to ensure that the directory reflects the information that consumers are looking for. The ultimate goal is to connect consumers with breeders, and facilitating this process to ensure comprehensive information coverage is one of the central tenets of

Cat breeders are invited to visit the site so that they can get a feel for how consumers will be able to easily find them once they are listed. Being listed on helps provide breeders with added exposure, and with that exposure, potentially greater traffic which may include buyers seeking new kittens. "By creating this directory, we are making it easier for consumers to locate breeders specializing in the type of cat they are looking for, and this ultimately benefits both breeder and consumer in that the breeder is potentially connected to an interested buyer, and the consumer can quickly find what they are looking for," notes Steve of

The Cat Breeders Directory is the largest cat breeder directory on the Web featuring catteries organized by breed and location. Find breeders across the US and worldwide and view reviews from consumers.

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