Charity Car USA Re-Launch - Vehicle Donation Site in High Gear

The nonprofit organization has opened the doors to it’s newly redesigned website, making it easier than ever for individuals to donate their old cars to the charity of their choice.

Online PR News – 12-October-2009 – – After the legislature commonly known as “Cash for Clunkers,” donations of used automobiles declined, negatively impacting the charitable organizations which survive through the generosity of American citizens. In an effort to reinvigorate contributions to US based charities, has redesigned it’s website,

The new design focuses on ease of use and navigation, making it easier than ever for individuals streamlining the donation process. With the new design and a greater focus on building a presence in Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, has already seen a rise in charitable donations.

“The introduction of the ‘Cash for Clunkers’ was extremely effective at enticing people to trade in their old cars,” said Carmen, spokesperson of “Unfortunately this increase in consumption negatively impacted many of the charities who we help fund with our efforts.”

The founding member of,, and their partner, were among the first to notice the increase in used cars being recycled. While more cars were being recycled as a whole, the number of cars donated by individuals for charity fell by an alarming amount.

“We had mixed feelings about the increased number of cars being recycled. Our profit driven businesses were growing, but as we benefited the organizations that need donations to continue their work were hurting. We made the decision to update the site and expand our marketing efforts in order to better serve those most vulnerable in our community.” is composed of a network of auto recycling facilities across the United States and Canada that recycle old vehicles in an eco-friendly manner; these companies break down the broken or junk automobiles and sell the used auto parts. Every facility is privately operated but works in conjunction with and; all facilities meet or exceed the areas local recycling regulations. A charitable tax receipt is issued to individuals who donate their car to a registered charitable organization, which includes many schools, churches, shelters and non-profit organizations. Ultimately the environment, charities, and the donating person all benefit.

“I couldn’t be happier with the new site and the positive response it has seen. Keep an eye out for the relaunch of soon!” continued Carmen.

For more information on how to donate a car to charity or how to recycle your junk car, visit today.

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