Green Infrared Asphalt Heating Technology Solving the Pothole Problem in the Metropolitan D.C. Area

“Our method keeps waste out of the landfill and also keeps dump trucks off the road.” says Kaba.

Online PR News – 02-December-2010 – – Fairfax, VA, – Dr. Pothole provides a new infrared pothole repair service to the Metropolitan D.C. area. A patented technology that heats the pothole, surrounding asphalt, and new asphalt to 390 degrees Fahrenheit and 3-5 inches deep provides an excellent pot hole repair solution to the growing pothole problem in this area. Fixing potholes is now easier, less expensive, and has less of an impact on the environment. The two-man teams can complete a single repair in less than 20 minutes.

“Our method keeps waste out of the landfill and also keeps dump trucks off the road.” says Kaba. This reduces the need for excess gasoline and eliminates emissions from dump trucks. From a green perspective, it takes 11 trees to absorb and process the carbon dioxide released from the traditional pothole repair method. The Dr. Pothole method only requires one tree to absorb and process the carbon dioxide.

The infrared method adds hot asphalt repair to a heated service area. This creates a hot on hot repair that allows for a seamless thermal bond. Traditional repair methods add hot asphalt to a cold repair area, which eventually lead to more potholes forming at the seams of the repair. The infrared heater is placed over the pothole and activated for 8-10 minutes. After the pothole and surrounding asphalt have been heated 3-5 inches deep to 390 degrees Fahrenheit, they remove the heater and work the surrounding asphalt back into the pothole. A bonding liquid is then applied to the existing asphalt to restore the adhesive quality. Hot new asphalt that is stored at 400 degrees is then applied on top of the repair. The repair area is then leveled and tampered with 2,500 pounds of compaction force. All completed in 20 minutes or less.

“Most businesses that offer repair services are actually asphalt paving companies,” comments Zeeshan Kaba, Dr. Pothole’s Vice President of Operations. “We specialize exclusively in pothole repair and that is what led us to develop an infrared heat based methodology that surpasses the quality of a traditional saw-cut approach and can be utilized year-round.” Since Dr. Pothole is not a paving company they are able to keep the cost of the repair down by eliminating the use of giant dump trucks, four to six man crews, jack hammers, and other asphalt patching equipment. The patented infrared method also does a much better job of not obstructing the everyday flow of traffic for business owners.

About Dr. Pothole:

Dr. Pothole is professional, ‘green’ asphalt repair service that provides high-speed, cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions to pothole problems in 20 minutes flat. The company is smoothing the way for businesses and drivers in the Virginia-Maryland-D.C. area with high quality repairs at low cost. Dr. Pothole’s fast, efficient, and low-impact-on-Mother-Nature service is offered at prices that are typically 65% less expensive than traditional repair solutions. For more information about fast, efficient, road and parking lot repair and/or arrange for a site assessment, please visit or contact the company directly by phone at toll-free at 1-800-298-5587.