Web 2.0 Saves The Day For Summer Job Seekers

Unemployed look to the Internet for targeted possibilities as fewer employers offer summer jobs

Online PR News – 18-April-2009 – – United States – April 16th 2009: In light of the global economic downturn the numbers of business owners and employers who are planning to advertise summer jobs in 2009 has fallen dramatically. According to a survey carried out by the Center for Labour Market Studies (at Northeastern University) just 34% of teens who are looking for summer work will be able to find some and as a result job seekers are turning to the Internet for help.

Websites such as SummerJobSection.com appear to be the seasonally unemployed's only hope as they list summer jobs from around the US where newspapers and job centers are unlikely to. Now that web 2.0 is well under way it makes sense that the majority of employers will advertise their vacancies online. SummerJobSection.com is aimed mainly at prospective college students and young adults preparing to start a lifelong career. As a result the founders of the site have plenty of information for those seeking a summer job:

“One of the best ways to prepare for the transition between high school and college is to get a summer job that teaches you relevant skills for the college experience.” Says company founder Donny “Prospective students can browse our listings before they even leave high school so that they're both financially stable for the summer and more than prepared for what comes next”.

SummerJobSection.com is a website with a user interface that is designed for both parties, whether advertising a job or searching. Users can find jobs through searching for keywords or key phrases, through job-type (e.g. internship, volunteer etc.), zipcode or browsing the latest listings. The website also includes listings in most of Europe, Mexico, Philippines and India amongst other countries.

Following the emergence of this decade's credit crisis young people in the US are facing bleak prospects for finding summer jobs. Job listing website SummerJobSection.com is aiming to ease these difficult times by finding the employers that only advertise online and bringing them to summer job seekers across the US and abroad.