Cruise Deals Available To The Average Vacationer Thanks To New Insider Information

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Online PR News – 02-December-2010 – – Getting the best cruise deal on your next vacation has never been easier thanks to professional, insider information from a former 3-stripe officer with a major cruise line

"I can help you save a boatload on every cruise you take ever again with my insider knowledge of the industry," said Intelligent Cruiser founder David Kirkland, "My sole objective is to save you money."

Kirkland has teamed up with other experts from the cruise industry to put together a book filled with insider tips, tricks, and advice on how to save big bucks and get the best Cruise Deals available. Kirkland provides his readers with valuable insider information, allowing even the beginner vacationer to save money and get great cruise deals with major cruise lines - such as Disney Cruises, Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

By reading Kirkland's e-book, vacationers can be sure they're getting Cheap Cruises - and never overpaying for another vacation.

"My book can help you avoid the critical mistake 99% of travelers make," said Kirkland, "and help you save up to 75% on activities and trips during your cruise."

Kirkland's online guide is constantly updated with the newest information available - it was most recently updated in November 2010.

"The best part is the information you're receiving never expires. The tips and tricks can be used over and over again every time you decide to go on vacation."

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