Brian Brawdy Draws Liberty’s Line in the Sand

Brian Brawdy is pleased to announce the December 1st, 2010 debut of The Brian Brawdy Show: Liberty’s Line in the Sand.

Online PR News – 01-December-2010 – – Broadcast from his mobile “off-the-grid” office, survival expert Brian Brawdy aims a philosophical punch to the face of those who are not only trying to kill our Constitution, but those mowing over our inalienable rights as Americans as well. He takes this fight from city hall to Capitol Hill.
Trained to endure extreme weather, extreme terrains, and extreme scenarios of all types, this gritty ex-cop never thought he’d one day have to survive an extreme government as well. Like many of us, Brian is tired of ever-expanding and encroaching state and federal government and the career politicians and bureaucrats that staff them. He’s tired of the “takers” extracting the hard won efforts, paychecks and savings of the “makers,” and then hocking the future of our grandchildren.
“There’s an invisible tipping point between liberty and tyranny,” Brian says. “We’re going to have to pick a side.”
Brian Brawdy does just that, with no apologies and no restraint. Join him Wednesday, December 1st as he draws Liberty’s line in the sand.

A former New York police investigator and military weapons specialist who spent the last 25 years studying philosophy, psychology, political science and the survival mindset, explorer and political survival analyst Brian Brawdy is creator and host of The Brian Brawdy Show. The show educates international audiences on the importance of self- reliance, survival and the Libertarian mindset.
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