Powerful New Headache Relief Medicine Takes the Headache Out of the Holidays

‘Tis the season to be stressed, but thanks to a very effective new brand of headache medicine introduced by world renowned neurologist Dr. Alexander Mauskop, it need not be the time for tension headaches.

Online PR News – 02-December-2010 – – The public can now prepare to combat the holiday headaches with Dr. Mauskop's Migralex™. This new brand of headache relief medicine, introduced by Dr. Alexander Mauskop, a world-renowned neurologist, headache expert, and founder of the New York Headache Center, not only contains a proven, highly effective pain reliever but also corrects a mineral deficiency responsible for headaches.

According to Dr. Mauskop, the 'holiday headache' is a very real occurrence -- not just a saying.

"There are all those presents to buy, budgets are tight, house guests upset routines, expected and unexpected that come to visit. Many times, we're around family members that don't get along. There is extra grocery shopping and additional high-pressure meals to cook for a larger crowd. If one's traveling, there are plane delays, bad weather, possible lost luggage. Changes in regular sleep/wake cycle, as well as eating and drinking too much can also trigger headaches. There are lots of stressful situations and reasons why people suffer more headaches during holidays. So if the economic stress of the past year didn't trigger headaches, the combination with holiday season may just do it," says Dr. Mauskop.

You can’t imagine how happy people are to finally achieve relief. I’m thrilled that Dr. Mauskop’s Migralex™ is going to bring pain-free holidays to a wider group

Tips for coping with holiday stress headaches:

The best way to cope with holiday headaches is trying to prevent them. Of course with all the delicious temptations and holiday parties that may be easier said than done. But a good first step is recognizing what triggers headaches and trying to minimize or avoid that situation.

• Maintain normal sleeping and waking patterns
• When drinking alcohol, do so in moderation. Keep in mind that red wine, beer, whiskey, and champagne are more common headache triggers than vodka or white wine
• Drinking plenty of water in between alcoholic drinks may help avoid hangover headaches. Avoiding foods known to trigger headaches especially chocolate, caffeine, cheese, smoked, cured, and pickled foods
• Try to relax and enjoy this special time of year

Despite all efforts, you may still get a headache, so be prepared so a headache doesn't ruin your holiday plans.

“You can’t imagine how happy people are to finally achieve relief. I’m thrilled that Dr. Mauskop’s Migralex™ is going to bring pain-free holidays to a wider group,” says the Doctor. “Just read some of the comments that have been written to me”

“I have to tell you that Migralex has been amazing for me! I have had various types of headaches for most of my life, but when they started becoming classic migraines I had to turn to prescription medications. Since I could suffer from regular stress headaches, or sinus headaches also, I found myself waiting to see what type of headache I was getting. Sometimes I would wait too long and then it was too late. I really don't like to take strong meds when I don't have to, yet I began taking strong medication at the first sign of a headache. Over time my hormones have changed, as did the pattern of the onset of my headaches, which further confused me as to when I needed meds and when regular Tylenol would do. Then I found Migralex. What I LOVE about Migralex is that it is simple and safe and provides relief for all types of headaches and I feel comfortable taking it right away. I'm also training for a marathon (tomorrow!) and I like having the magnesium in there which I know helps prevent cramping! This is a bit long - but I am SO happy to have found Migralex. Thank you!!" M. Roberts

“I am very impressed with Migralex and wholeheartedly recommend it to my patients. Many of my headache patients report great results with it. It has a distinct advantage of causing fewer side effects, even when taken on an empty stomach. Migralex often works better than prescription drugs and is better tolerated." Victoria Wexley, MD, Wexley Headache & Medical Clinic, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Mauskop’s Migralex™ headache medicine is available at the Migralex.com [http://www.migralex.com] and Amazon.com websites and at Wegmans [http://bit.ly/MigralexWegmansStores] and at select local pharmacies [http://www.migralex.com/pharmacies].

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