Fair Trading Technology Announces $1000 MT5 to ECN Demo Contest

Fair Trading Technology is launching a MT5 Demo trading contest where beta testers of the upcoming MT5-ECN trading bridge will be able to win $1000 per week.

Online PR News – 01-December-2010 – – In an effort to recruit quality beta testers with a variety of trading backgrounds, Fair Trading Technology announced they will give away $1000 each week in their MT5 Demo trading contest. Beta testers of the upcoming MT5-ECN trading bridge will be eligible to win the prize each week -- encouraging thorough testing of the product and ensuring the company releases a verified trading solution to the market.

“This is an excellent opportunity for forex traders to get an early taste of our upcoming, totally transparent, MT5 to ECN solution” says Fair Trading Technology co-founder, McLean Van Cleve.

The prize will be given to the top trader each week who has signed up to the Metatrader 5 contest and made at least 10 trades that week. No previous trading experience nor any investment is needed. The account with the highest weekly equity gain (by percentage) wins. There is an equal chance to win each week so even the latest entries have the same chances of winning.

“We want all traders to have an equal chance to be in with a chance to win as it will attract all kind of traders making sure we deliver an absolutely unique world class product at the end of this. As this product follows our ultra-successful launch of our totally transparent MT4-ECN T3 Bridge, this one has to exceed expectations once again” says Fair Trading Technology co-founder, McLean Van Cleve.

The MT5 trading platform will set a new standard in the trading industry. One of the things Fair Trading Technology hopes to get out of this beta test are how customers interact with the new interfaces that the MT5 platform brings to the table and how these new features benefit the trader. Most importantly we want to see how our newest ECN bridge performs with the new Metatrader 5 trading platform. Running internal stress tests, while necessary and beneficial, is quite different than having thousands of traders and strategies running all at once. This contest and the ensuing participation will ensure that another bug-free product will be released.

To be tested:
- Two-way Bridge Functionality
- Multiple Level Liquiduity Access
- Partial Fills

Fair Trading Technology is a technology provider of transparent trading platforms. It is the the first ever company to deliver a totally transparent MT4 to true ECN trading bridge with execution at the world's largest Swiss ECN bank.

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